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  • Wednesday ,09 December 2020

Advice and benefit

by Samia Ayyad

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Wednesday ,09 December 2020

Advice and benefit

 In our lives, there are many lessons to learn in order to have a good relationship with the other based on love and fear of God.

His Holiness Pope Tawadros II in his article "Sweet-Spoken words” published in the Evangelism Magazine, talked about some pieces of advice including that money is a good servant, but a very bad master. It should be a method and not a goal.
Happiness is to find love and be loved without condition. Change is important as I grow old and wiser. Those who seek other people’s satisfaction can’t feel happy. Avoid getting angry, even if you have right. Your anger is a wrong method to express what is right. Losing confidence in yourself or in the others is one big gate to lose happiness. Losing confidence is harder than losing friends.
My father is the best friend I have ever had. Ones beauty lies in his tongue. It’s not what you say, it’s when. Some words are like fragrance or stones, be careful what you through on the others. If you don’t build your future, some one will hire you to build his. Friends are like warm rooms in cold winter. A good friend takes our bitterness away. God is above all. God hears the lowest voice in your heart. Let’s learn from such words in our lives.