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  • Thursday ,17 December 2020

Benha University treating Corona

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Thursday ,17 December 2020

Benha University treating Corona

 The Egyptian research team from Benha and Kafr El Sheikh universities, headed by Dr. Ahmed El-Jazzar, professor of chest diseases and former dean of the Benha Medical College, won first place in a research seminar conducted by the University of Liverpool, with the participation of scientists from America, France, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Bangladesh and Australia about the effectiveness of Ivermectin for treating Corona virus. Dr. Ahmed Al-Jazzar indicated that Ivermectin was originally a veterinary treatment against worms in animals in 1980, and in 1984 it was used  to treat parasites, scabies and hair lice in humans, and on March 14, the World Health Organization agreed to use it to treat Corona.

After the experiments on animals, the Egyptian research team led by Dr. Ahmed El-Gazzar registered the research in the Ethics Committee for Scientific Research, and on June 8, clinical trials began on simple, medium and severe Corona patients, and the drug s effectiveness in treating them was proven by 99% in mild and moderate cases and 96% in late cases.
The research was published in Nature International magazine on November 16th. The doctor emphasized that as soon as the research was raised, positive international reactions continued to assure its importance, as the University of Liverpool in Britain was invited to discuss the eight scientific researches around the world in this field, and this evaluation was held by the University of Liverpool, which decided to give  the Egyptian research the first place.
Greetings to Dr. Ahmed Al-Jazzar, his assistant team, and to everyone who contributed to finding this treatment, provided that it will be available for everyone.