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  • Friday ,18 December 2020

Copts United

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,19 December 2020

Copts United

My memories with Coptsunited will never end and will always stay in my heart. I had the honor to be part of this family since it started. I had the honor to be part of this success, I had the honor to meet great people through this website and in the top of this list are Eng, Adly Abadeer, Eng, Ezzat Bolous and more which I cant type all of them to not forget one of them.

Coptsunited was never a place to work but a message to deliver, there were many upsides and downsides during the road but the determination, the love and the belief from Mr Adly Abadder in this message never ended.
I remember how people were so excited to hear or read a message from Mr Abadeer and although sometimes his messages were tough but were faithful at the same time and he could pay the attention to many issues that copts were suffering from and few people had the courage to talk about these issues and shed the light on them. 
We are also close to the 11th memorial for the departure of Eng Adly Abadeer and we want to thank him for all his support he gave to this message even after he died, he continued to support this message even after his death.
Coptsunited will always be in our heart and our mind and the message will continue because the ideas never die by the death of the person.