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  • Tuesday ,22 December 2020

Why then was the Egyptian apology?

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Tuesday ,22 December 2020

Why then was the Egyptian apology?

 I agree with our great writer and dear friend Hamdi Rizk in his writing about  The Case of Karm Lady  in his article “Appeal shows justice for the grieving!” The writer is always concerned with the call to activate all the mechanisms of achieving full citizenship in Egypt that taught the world how to respect human being and creativity. Yes, there is no comment on the judgment of the judiciary, but we need to appreciate that the Attorney General, Counselor Hamada Al-Sawy, commissioned the technical office in his office to study the appeal of the judgment of innocence of the accused in the case known as the  Lady of Karm village , as soon as the criminal court that issued the ruling deposited its reasons.

Here, the appeal is presented by the people s lawyer to save what can be saved of the woman s dignity, escpially after the shocking verdict to acquit all defendants in the case that the president had apologized for it promising to punish all perpetrators.
However, I wonder who is responsible for such shameful verdict. Is it a mistake of a weak lawyer against a good lawyer of the defendants? Is it the absence of justice and lack of interference of the officials to save rights of the weak woman? Moreover, why did the president apologized for the old woman if nothing bad happened to her? Did he receive misleading information? In fact, the president is working hard to treat Christians equal in Egypt, which appeared in restoration and construction of churches and the issuance of laws for their construction for the first time in centuries. He paid several visits to the cathedral to congratulate Copts in their feasts. He called to renew the cultural and religious discourse.
Finally, I agree with the writer at the conclusion of his article when he indicated that the merits will be in the hands of the defense of Mrs. Suad within thirty days, and I hope she will receive justice finally.