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  • Tuesday ,22 December 2020

Egypt condemns terrorist beheading of Tunisian in Kasserine

by Al Ahram

Copts and Poliltical Islam


Tuesday ,22 December 2020

Egypt condemns terrorist beheading of Tunisian in Kasserine

 The Egyptian foreign ministry condemned on Monday the “heinous” beheading of a Tunisian citizen, Okba Dhouibi, in Kasserine, extending its condolences to Tunisia and the victim s family.

“Egypt reiterates its strong condemnation of such criminal acts that are revolting to the human instinct [and] affirms its full support for sisterly Tunisia in the measures it takes to eradicate the hateful scourge of terrorism,” the foreign ministry said.
The body of Dhouibi, a shepherd in his twenties who was kidnapped from an area near the Algerian border in Kasserine province, was found on Sunday.
Tunisian authorities have been conducting offensives against the Islamic State-affiliated militia Ajnad Al-Khilafa in the west of the country.
Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi has said that the war against terrorism would continue unabated in order to eliminate those threatening the security of the country and the people.
He vowed that Dhouibi s murder would not go unpunished, ordering the ministers of defence and interior to enhance efforts to reveal the circumstances of the murder and bring the perpetrators to justice.