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  • Monday ,28 December 2020

It was not that bad

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Friday ,25 December 2020

It was not that bad
Many people see 2020 as one of the worst years we have lived. Between political assassinations, deaths and natural disasters, we have lived through very difficult times. Only at the beginning of the year, the United States assassinated the Iranian leader Qassem Soleimani, which sparked many fears of a destructive war between the United States and Iran, and then the Ukrainian passenger plane was accidentally shot down by an Iranian missile. The Australian bushfires also killed about 500 million animals and destroyed 26 million acres and more than 5,900 buildings. Not to mention the killing of African American George Floyd and the demonstrations that erupted afterwards, in addition to the environmental disaster in the Arctic, with a significant drop in the level of ice. The bad news also included the Beirut explosion and the increasing suffering of the Lebanese, with many political and economic crises. Moreover, the year did not pass before the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain formally signed agreements to normalize relations with Israel,.
All this and much more made 2020 a hot year amid tumultuous events, but amid all this noise, Egypt was still guarded and blessed, and this difficult year did not pass before a number of gifts were presented to this people who suffered so much. The improvement in economic indicators and Egypt s recording a positive growth were at a time when most countries recorded a decrease and negative indicators in the growth rates.
At a time when the world was doing its best only to confront the Corona pandemic, Egypt was carrying construction equipment and working hard to accomplish ambitious plans for growth and progress. Thousands of projects and many presidential campaigns, including 100 million health, were implemented to detect and treat many diseases for free.
Moreover, at the end of the year, the unprecedented achievement of the Egyptian champion Mamdouh Al-Subaie, known as Big Rami, after he won the first place in the world in the 2020 Mr. Olympia Bodybuilding Championship, which is the largest and most important world tournament for professional players in bodybuilding. Egyptian achievements and a positive outlook prove that the year 2020 was never that bad.