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  • Wednesday ,30 December 2020

Adam and reading

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Wednesday ,30 December 2020

Adam and reading

 He is a ten year old child who became famous in the Austrian capital Vienna, as the youngest reader in the city with more than 90 books in just one year. He is  the Egyptian child Adam Hossam El-Qast.

The management of one of the city s public libraries was surprised by this large number of books he borrowed from the library in different fields and large size, as some books were more than 500 pages without pictures!
The story started from the school, as the library management contacted Adam s family to make sure that he was actually borrowing all these books to read them, and that he was not forced to do that. After discussing him they made sure that he understood the content of the books, so they asked him to offer a monthly seminar for the child on the library s website, he discusses the books he read with children of the same age group, and recommends them the appropriate quality, according to the interest of each child.
German as his mother tongue didn t prevent Adam from reading about his home country and the Egyptian history. He also likes books about animals and science fiction. His picture appeared on one of the major newspapers in Vienna and the national television interviewed him last week. Adam s interests did not stop at reading only, but two years ago he studied programming language, design, and montage programs. A tribute to Adam, his family, his school and his teacher, who discovered his talent, took care of it and supported it.