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  • Sunday ,27 February 2011

They will eat us alive !!


Short But Not Sweet


Sunday ,27 February 2011

They will eat us alive !!
Ok , Mubarak is gone. we have military rule and few ministers !! We have no parliment, no President, no constitution !!!!
Fanatinc moslims are every where. they are in the military, in the police, in state security, lawyers, doctors. business men and last but not leat they are in the judicial too, where everything from now on will take place, do not misunderstand me, I am happy that Mubarak is gone but if you read my earlier article, we needed his son to come in as he hurt more moslims than christians and as food they fed the moslims some chritians from time to time.......now they will eat us alive! She looks likethe french revelotion in the 21 st and we all know what happened.............