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  • Sunday ,22 May 2011

There will be a day for the truth


Short But Not Sweet


Sunday ,22 May 2011

There will be a day for the truth

When A human being begins to spark accusations right and left without seeing and testing for himself He/ She is just sowing corruption in the earth, and nobody will never see his mistakes but will always point fingers at others blaming them for all the corruption in the world, and if Egypt was All christians and for some reason becomes two or three christian sects and they start fighting one another like what happened in some places , we will see the same people who are trying to gather the cross followers acros the world againt the muslims also doing the same thing against the other sects within christianity.

I know when there is loud voice nobody can hear anything. You are digging a big hole if you do not stop this crap and you will be the first ones who will pay the price, do not think by bringing cross worshipers to Egypt to defeat the Muslims that this will give you peace no way it will make you a bigger target and you will lose all the sympathy from tolerate muslims and will become a public Enemy and when that happens you will not be safe anywhere in Egypt even if USA assigns every copt a marine to protect his ass. Egypt is an islamic country believe it or not so wake up and think of the future.