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  • Sunday ,29 May 2011

Copts end Maspiro protest


Short But Not Sweet


Sunday ,29 May 2011

Copts end Maspiro protest

Until evidence of all AL Speaks at sixes (Nisa Surah Al-Kawthar Al-breeding every idea in the harem, adultery, Do you have the right to tell Ende Messenger of our Lord Bicol in Abasa if H.! And one blind to Atsaadh him away far from you Here's the text of the sura (Abs and assumed that he received the blind and Maederik perhaps reward for Aoivkr Vinfh anniversary either sacked him dost thou and You only reward for and either comes to seeking a fear you are with him distract) to blind the poor it distract means (for getting better him) Where is the mercy and charity Elly commanded us Behm Lord Look Muhammad false prophet facial and break all the commandments of our Lord, who told us they gave charity in secret and thy Father (God) who is in secret shall reward thee openly on the idea before I conclude I love to tell you that we Christians Annanabd one God and Christ is God and God in Christ and Read Qraik carefully and understand McCormack Qrank 1 - as the angels said: O Mary, that God Ibcrk word in its name Christ of Imran 45 * but Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of God and his word he gave to Mary and the spirit by women in 1412 - and peace on the day I was born and the day I die and the day raised alive"(Maryam / 19:32)