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  • Monday ,12 December 2011

The invasion of Democracy

Ezzat Boulos

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Monday ,12 December 2011

The invasion of Democracy

 A strong national feeling urges me to be there in Egypt during the time of elections because participating while so close allows dimensions to well understand the nature of the experience and the stage in a way that one can never does if just follows it live by TV. Therefore, I left the snow country and came to Egypt living some imaginative ideas that shape elections of post uprising time and also the elections of Engineers Association to which I belong. I thought it will be free and fair elections like these I experienced at the west.

Actually, what made me believe in the fair and free elections is the constant assortment of the Military Council that it will make all guarantees that allow fairness and complete security for the elections.
To be honest with you I can say that the Council has succeeded in securing the elections. We never hear about any criminal offenses as before in Mubarak’s era when the thugs used to kill, destroy and burn while the Egyptian media always mocks us and tells us that those thugs are responsible for the crisis we know perfectly well who are involved in. However, the justice and fairness are never accomplished even with the least level.
In the elections of the Engineers Association for instance, which witnessed the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood, I witnessed the manipulation through the computers prepared to print the electoral forms, besides the fact that the owner of the company that presents these computers is one of the Muslim Brotherhood so no wonder.
After finishing the elections of the Engineers Association I started the fight of the elections of People’s Assembly. It was then that I made sure that the word “integrity” is not there in the Egyptian dictionary at all. I went on the election’s day so early. After five hours in the line I found out that the electoral forms are not yet at the committee. What made matters worth is that I didn’t find my name at the committee itself that of course led me to go directly to the police to report it.
Next day I decided to retry and vote as I insisted on having my right of voting so I went to the committee and finally did it. What makes us wonder is that integrity is over. It is not yet there in the Egyptian dictionary for the good of a certain religious parties, namely that of “Justice and Freedom” and “The Light”. Both have desks in front of each committee to guide whoever is illiterate to vote for their own good. At the end of my article there is a photo to intensify what I mention.
I was appalled by a scene of the Salafis who got the votes of the poor Egyptian people pulling Egypt back to the ancient ages. Those poor people unaware of the dear price they paid to get a civil Egypt.
The ballot box is the final element to fulfill democracy especially that illiteracy is about 50% of the country. Moreover, the people never know the meaning of freedom for about 60 years governed by leaders who completely controlled them and their abilities by pulling them away from political life and keeping them busy with football matches and sectarian events. 
I have said before that the Military Council has a golden chance to be the first to establish the rules of democracy and to move us from the abyss of underdevelopment to a new future of a civil country. Alas his decisions drove us to what we witnessed and will still witness through the next phase. 
What is so funny is that all the TV. Channels speak about democracy and the greatness of Egypt giving no attention to the results that will lead us to a Parliament of religious features of backward thinking that will lead Egypt in turn to a swamp of extremism and a unilateral of thought.
Egypt, how poor you are with your leaders!! When will we be able dream of leaders who work for your own good not for theirs??