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  • Thursday ,29 March 2012

Tantawi: Different social groups should participate in writing constitution

By-Almasry Alyoum

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Thursday ,29 March 2012

Tantawi: Different social groups should participate in writing constitution

The heads of parties and political powers represented in the People's Assembly agreed in a meeting with Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, Egypt’s military leader, to meet again within two days to discuss their ideas of how to resolve the constitution standoff.

During the meeting Tuesday, Tantawi said the armed forces had a plan for the road ahead since the beginning of the interim period.
The stages of the transitional period included conducting the parliamentary elections, writing a constitution and electing a civilian president. He said the parliamentary elections were characterized by integrity and transparency.
Drafting the constitution is one of the most important stages of the transition, Tantawi said, adding that different groups in society should participate in writing it because it “will remain for a long time.”
Party chiefs presented their views for the future and what they saw as the best solution to the problems facing Egypt.
The heads of the Freedom and Justice, Nour, Wafd and Free Egyptians parties, as well as several other liberal and socialist parties, attended the meeting. Independent MPs Mostafa Bakry and Marian Malak and several members of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces also attended.
Several parties and independent MPs had withdrawn from the constituent assembly elected by Parliament, saying its composition favors Islamists and fails to achieve a balance between the diverse groups in society.