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  • Monday ,09 April 2012

Constituent Assembly should be dissolved, says party leader

By-Almasry Alyoum

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Monday ,09 April 2012

Constituent Assembly should be dissolved, says party leader

 The only way to resolve the crisis of Islamist domination of the Constituent Assembly is to dissolve the body, said the Wasat Party president in a speech Sunday.

Abul Ela Mady said the new constitution must be acceptable to all segments of society, and must regard Egypt’s national interest above all else.
He also urged the candidates for president to meet and agree on a common position to prevent figures from the former Mubarak regime from returning to power.
“It would be a catastrophe should any of those symbols run for president,” he said at a speech delivered on Sunday to students of Alexandria University’s Faculty of Commerce.
Mady explained that his party has submitted a draft law to Parliament stipulating that anyone who had served as a vice president, prime minister, minister or any other official post in the last five years of Mubarak’s rule be disqualified from politics for five years.
“The revolution has not yet achieved its goals because of the various political forces’ struggle over the new constitution,” he said, calling on the Egyptian people to protect the revolution through the upcoming presidential election.