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  • Monday ,09 July 2012

Religious freedom causes a crisis in constituent committee

By-Hisham Khurshid

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Monday ,09 July 2012

Religious freedom causes a crisis in constituent committee
Founding committee of the Constitution has decided to only allow followers of the three monotheistic religions (Muslims, Christians and Jews) to perform their religious rites which caused a big crisis as this prevents followers of other religions such as Baha'is and Qadianis, as well as Shiites and Quranists from practicing their religion.
Manal al-Tibi, representative of al-Nuba in the Constituent committee, said that nobody has rejected this article save Abba Yohanna Kulta and me, as we find it against the freedom of religion which is guaranteed by international conventions and the monotheistic religions themselves.
Bahaa Anwar, the Shiite activist and director of Imam Center for Human Rights, condemned the outcome of the Committee which has considered Shiites out of the three monotheistic religions which is a big mistake.
Anwar emphasizes that the committee is controlled by the extremist Wahhabism that is seeking to isolate all other factions, and this will lead to an inevitable clash.
He added they will resort to the Egyptian judiciary, and then the international courts as they don’t accept to be marginalized in their own homeland because of the ignorance of those who are drafting the Egyptian constitution.