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  • Friday ,17 August 2012

Journalists continue protest against chief editors

By-Almasry Alyoum

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Friday ,17 August 2012

Journalists continue protest against chief editors

 Several journalists continued their sit-in for the seventh consecutive day on Wednesday, protesting the recent appointment of new chief editors of state-owned newspapers by the Shura Council.

Journalists from state-owned daily Al-Ahram on Wednesday staged a vigil against the appointment of Nasser Salama as their chief editor, whom they consider a symbol of the former regime. The journalists demanded that chief editors be elected, not selected by parliamentarians.
Demonstrators also threatened to protest before the Shura Council and to go on hunger strike.
State-owned newspapers should be independent from the Shura Council, which should be replaced by a National Press Council whose members are chosen by election, the journalists demanded.
Journalists from the Al-Mal newspaper also staged protests on Wednesday, demanding better salaries and bonuses.