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  • Tuesday ,21 August 2012

The Danger We Need To See

J.M Fahmy

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Tuesday ,21 August 2012

The Danger We Need To See

Zionism is a well known document I have no recollection of it's author or the year it was published but it talks about Israel and it's future plans to expand and to break down the Arab Nations!

I'm not about to talk about Israel, or  American plans to them conspiracies and the conspiracy theory that I do not believe in it as I know for sure no one would do fervours unless expecting a pay back for it's favours. We all did, do and keep doing favours for favours and we do not call it conspiracy!

A recent document by someone called Mohamed Seif El Dawla – or in translation Mohamed the country's sword as I do not think it is his real name – and before I read any thing I need to know who the writer is and what is his philosophy obviously if this guy calls himself Country's Sword he is not a peace caller guy!

In Egypt a lot was said and still about the Arab Spring – was it a coincidence, a predicting for viewing and knowing facts are kept as confidential by Intelligence officers belonging to Mossad or CIA or Egyptian Intelligence- could be as well preparing the grounds for some secret plots  American , Israeli or Arabic or may be a combination, I do not know I do not pretend knowing the unknown I'm not a journalist and I said it before what I say is just my own pure view after reading and thinking in all what is said around me.

If we take a close look on this Arab Spring, what it is: Revolution that people stand for their rights and fight, when the revolution succeeds which was for pure humanitarian rights in a dictatorship systems in X country -will reveal X shortly- we see the logical following step is to build up a democratic system to replace the dictatorship fallen down one.

Pure logic says that, I'm not yet saying this is what is happening in X country; now the demolished system is about to be reconstructed by the people who fed up with the dictatorship but no there is the team that was ready, they did excite people helping them to see the injustice in their lives or faking facts and creating stories form a simple meaningless event or whatever other means those people are there ready, they did not revolt or help in the revolution they were there stand by to jump into the revolution and take it over for their best interests!

If you apply this X=Egypt you say yes this is what had happen so far with Egyptian people who fed up from Hosny Mubarak and its party that only look after personal interests and MB jump over this revolution to steal its fruits!

But I'm not talking here about the Egyptian Spring but Arab Spring we started saying let us look closely what is happening, so X is not just Egypt, but Tunis, Libya, and go all over up to Syria and its struggle with Bashar Asad backed up by Iran, Russia, and China! Against whom Syrians who fed up with injustice in their own country backed up and supported by MB!

Moreover, in Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria Ivory Cost, Somalia all-over Africa MB fighting to be in control! Is it only Africa? No way, it started years ago with Bin Laden under the everlasting pre-text the Palestinian Cause that no one single fighter of Bin Laden huge base of fighters ever shut one single shut on any Israeli occupied land or Israeli forces! They had blown up the word trade centre WTC killing lots of innocent victims including Muslims who a lot of Muslims out of propaganda had seen in Bin Laden the unexpected prophet, unexpected because according to their own holly book the Coran Mohamed was the very last prophet! Beside from my own point of view all what Bin Laden did for Islam was forcing the world to look at Muslims as suspicious terrorists until proven innocents!

Years ago upon the Russian invasion to Afghanistan as it was for the best interest of USA the struggle for this invasion to fail they supported Bin Laden they did not CREATE, just like in Iraq war with Iran when Saddam stood firm against Iranian invasion of the middle east they supported him but apparently all best intelligence and good will and planning does not mean to avoid the inevitable of creating a monster out of control that sooner or later will have to face for their own security, like they did with Saddam then later with Bin Laden!

I can not say what exactly is the relation between al Kaeda and MB but obviously they are closely related and one if his top leaders now is Egyptian Aiman El Zawahri expelled and wanted by law in Egypt but in the present dynasty that took over Egyptian destiny by force, conspiracies or stupidity and ignorance of the people of Egypt might well order an amnesty and drop all charges on Aiman El Zawahry and welcome him back to Egypt for more oppression of freedom!

Is MB spread in Africa and Asia only? No they are for years trying their luck in France, Holand, England and all over Europe taking advantage of their open mind behaviour and lots of MB dormant cells awaiting for the moment to act all over Europe1 In USA a capitalism country that puts religion next to nothing in their policies MB and Muslims in general are all over!

It is an MB long term target to RULE THE WORLD first by exciting people to revolt them jump on the outcome to inherit the revolutions! Is Latin America safe, I can not tell but in general I would say Language and strong religious believes could be an obstacle and lack of knowledge as well!
That new Zionism book by Ahmed Sef El Dawla is it a real danger from Israel and its future plans or a curtain and diversion smoke MB is lunching to better move around and invade the world? Why I say that now? Do I expect Egyptians to fight alone this MB new monster? Is it really the newly created USA monster that sooner or later will have to face?

I will answer some questions, as for the rest I leave them for the future to uncover...
For sure the MB invasion of Egypt is a vital part of MB's world invasion, and they accept no defeat we have seen in Tunis Salafies after MB defeat they showed up their ugly face they pretend MB do not accept Salafies and vice versa but in fact they are the two faces of MB the political and fierce! MB organization will never let go of its party in Egypt or Tunis to be defeated, but this is not a call to stop the fight, there is always the bright side no one can see because in our fight we do not realize how God's hand works!

As we look at this American conspiracy – which I do not believe in it – with MB for sure MB promised USA something in exchange of their support; but since WHEN MB ever kept a promise and this means not only loosing USA support, but becoming a subject for PUNISHMENT!

I do not expect public punishment for under the table deals, but I will not be surprised if assassinations are done leaving a big exclamation mark!

I conclude today's article reminding you that God is there and all his gifts are priceless, so valuable way beyond our expectations, but this does not mean to expect the Angels to defend our rights while we hide in church praying for mercy but we need to stand all demanding our full rights for human life, and I rest assured very very much leaving future to who controls it as our ex Pope Kurolos said.