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  • Thursday ,23 August 2012

President in white robes!

Ahmad al-Aswani

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Thursday ,23 August 2012

President in white robes!

 I wasn't planning to write in politics during these holly days when millions of Muslims celebrate their feasts after they had fasted during the holly month of Ramadan. However, I was extremely provoked by that image of president (or brother) Morsy in white robes praying and preaching, which was published everywhere!

Of course, I don't have any objection against the practice of religious rites, but I do when the President appears as a religious preacher, as it is really not his job. People have not elected Dr. Morsy to teach them religion as there are millions of people whose job is to do so. Moreover, being a religious president is never an excuse for not being efficient in his job.
Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal and Imam Ibn Taymiyah have said that a licentious strong leader is better for the nation than a religious weak leader. 
He explained saying: As for a licentious strong leader, his immorality will affect his life, while his strength will benefit  the whole nation.
On the other hand, as for a religious weak leader, his morals will benefit himself while his weakness will destroy the whole nation.
Therefore, we only wait for actions and achievements, and not prayers or sermons. Furthermore, a good prayer should be in a hidden place, and not before TV cameras, which is only can be called hypocrisy.