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  • Monday ,10 September 2012


J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,10 September 2012


Sinai is a dear valuable part of Egypt, had been occupied since June 5th 1967 until Sadat peace treaty took place followed by the glorious War of October 6th. Or Ramadan 10th. But what has become since then?

Ex-President R.I.P Sadat had realized and recognized the importance of Sinai's residents, his patriotic citizens known as Badw of Sinai had provided our forces with information was a major key in the battle of October 73, had opposed Jewish occupants of Sinai and gave a honorable example of patriotism and some of its leaders were honoured officially by the Army and Sadat, but what had happened after that?

This portion of land as a key piece of land connecting Asia to Africa and being on the border between Gaza, and Israel and within view from Saudi Arabia Kingdom was of major importance to Egypt, Gaza, Israel, and Saudi Arabia for:-

1.    Gaza, and Hamas looks at it as a natural extension for different reasons to be explained later.
2.    Israel wishes to move Gaza people to Sinai and extend its occupation to Gaza on top of that use a piece of Sinai to build safer border for Israel!
3.    Saudi Arabia common project with Egypt to build a bridge connecting Egypt to their kingdom and facilitate tourism of pilgrims or just tourism between the two countries!

Back to Gaza people reasons to look for Sinai as a get away place from Israel retaliating attacks when they receive a toy rocket lunched by Hamas not hurting a fly rockets our kids and children in Egypt lunch as a game upon festivities of Ramadan holly month or at the feast of the end of the month of Ramadan. Rockets like those do not hurt or free occupied lands of Palestine, but gives a good excuse to Israel for retaliation that Gaza people suffers from it and looks for a refuge in Sinai!

The question knowing that those harmless rockets of Hamas can not serve as a resistance to the occupation so why lunch them on Israel? Answer is simple, first proves Hamas is still actively within its resources resists the occupation and takes over leadership, secondly a good reason to ask for more financial help from other Arab countries all their participation to the Arab / Israel conflict is just giving away money petrodollars God provided them for some reason!

With all of the above reasons in mind we see that to the best interests of all parties is that Sinai remains as is now because if officially Sinai becomes the land of Gaza people retaliation attacks would take place in Sinai rather than Gaza; However upon retaliation attacks on Gaza its people can find a safer refuge in Sinai being protected by the peace treaty that governs Egyptian /Israel stand and Israel can not chase Hamas fighters in Sinai! On top of that this treaty -peace treaty- limited armed forces in some regions giving plenty room for underground activities!

Underground Activities

What are those underground activities that killed each and every project to develop Sinai as a humbled area in Egypt that needs lot of attention and projects were announced that never took real place in life, like the major Bridge Egypt / Saudi Arabia and the agricultural development of deserted land or creating new city zones within Sinai and migrating lots of homeless people who look for a chance to live human life or find a dissent job for their daily bread?

Obviously underground activity suggests a non legal activity that police and legal system in Egypt would incriminate and stop but someone somewhere for some reason is closing an eye or two on this activity! A closer look on this activities includes:

•    Drags trafficking.
•    Tunnels digging between Gaza and Sinai.
•    Trade for daily food supported by the government for Egyptian population to Gaza people at full price pocketing government support for personal profit!
•    Traffic control of tunnels and tax collection.
•    A main get away for stolen cars in Egypt
•    A main hide out of Hamas fighters, Terrorists, and Generally outlaws wanted by the authorities!
•    A passing junction of Africans seeking job opportunities as their countries job doors where closed in front of them in Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, ...

As we see the major player here is Hamas, a secondary one is the lords of crime. Let us see how; Hamas that killed their own people to take over leadership from PLO or the Palestine Liberation Organisation is not concerned by the Palestinian cause his main and only goal was leadership that allows them collect money for the cause but for what reason not the cause obviously! If they were concerned of the Gaza people they would not launch the harmless rockets on Israel and stay away in safe places while Gaza people suffer from the retaliation attacks and the hunt for the rocket luncher, they would not collect taxes on stolen merchandises and increase their selling back value, they would not collect passing fees on the tunnels or be so upset for temporary closing the borders between Gaza and Egypt, why they do need the tunnels if the authorities had opened the borders when new president Morsy took over? Lots of whys their only answer is for them to get richer and richer on the expense of Gaza people and Egyptians who do not find the commodities their government supported their price.

The lords of crime, their main resource is drug trafficking however stolen merchandises like sugar, flower, oil products like Solar, or Benzine and Diesel that the government supports part of their price for Egyptians to save some money, but black market lords buy them to sell them at full price elsewhere while Egyptians can not find them it is stolen money from the government and Egyptians for the lords of crime to pocket!
Another main source and real hi level crime in Sinai is the transit stage of Africans in nearby countries like Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia who seek for job opportunities as all doors where closed in front of them and thought of an escape to Israel or Turkey or Europe in general, those people many come without any identity documents or passports, they walked miles or got rides in a boat or a  Transport for cheap rates or by friends to end up in Sinai and some mediators that would complete the trip to the desired destination or most likely will seize the opportunity this illegal transit person no one would miss him or ask for him and is an easy pray for another type of crime new to Egypt that is human  organs in demand by medical institutions or hospital for a transplant of organs by rich people! This was uncovered by a CNN documentary driven last year and to be followed up soon in a what is the status after a year! The norm of human parts transplant to a sick person is to follow governing rules of the country and each country has its own rules but mainly all agree on one point not to sell a part of your body for money however you can offer it to a friend or relative for free! But everywhere underground activity exists even in the most noble human health and industry that is there to save lives not to take them, hospitals has corrupted nurses and doctors, rich patients that are ready to pay any price to save their life or just improve their health! Such an activity found its crime lords in Sinai with lots of unaccounted passing by Africans who ended up in Sinai and lost their life in exchange of a kidney or heart the lords of crime pocketed again the price!

Sinai is a valuable part of Egypt, Egyptian blood was shed there for it and Egypt needs it badly to develop agriculture and civilization of its deserts for more security and to limit crime from spreading more and more we need to get back this part of Egypt for sure and get back full control of all our lands and regions we need to protect this valuable land from crime or being used for crime we need it for Egypt God bless Egypt!