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  • Tuesday ,18 September 2012

The repercussions of the anti-Islam movie

Sabry Fawzy Gawhara

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Tuesday ,18 September 2012

The repercussions of the anti-Islam movie

After the anti-Islam movie incidents, we, the Copts, have to keep going in the way that we have chosen since the 60’s of the former century, believing it will help us get our rights that we are missing since the Arabic invasion. 

Egypt has a dream since the the Alawis rule to catch up with the modern world and to get rid of our poverty, ignorance and diseases, but we were hindered by the military rule.

Our freedoms and rights need to be respected, but how can we achieve such goal? We need to fight for this goal and keep it always in mind. There is no place for despair or inaction. Furthermore, we only can depend on ourselves as we won’t get any help from the others!

 Time has proven that no foreign country will support the Copts as they care more for their own interests in the Middle East. Such interests are basically controlling oil resources and making sure Israel is safe by keeping the Arabs weak as much as possible as they feel they are the chosen people to conquer the whole world by their values that weren’t good for the past, and neither will be for the future.

They can’t see their illiteracy, poverty,  failure as well as their need for such infidel world just to keep living.

There are many Muslims that are aware of the disaster facing Egypt. Wise Copts know very well that they are not going to get their rights without the support of those bright Muslims. It only take some mutual respect.

 Thus, it was just normal to find the Egyptian Church and the Coptic Christians denouncing the insults against Prophet Mohammed. On the other hand, Muslims who care for Egypt have to denounce the daily insults against Christianity as well.

 Copts have to work hard to enjoy their citizenship, and I believe they are willing to die in order to achieve such goal. They are being threatened that they have to keep their mouths shut after their brothers abroad have insulted the Prophet of Islam, but demanding the rights of the Copts bears no insult for any one. And remember that God only supports those who demand their rights, and not the lazy people!