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  • Wednesday ,26 September 2012

A terrorist group leading a state

Sherif Mansour

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Wednesday ,26 September 2012

A terrorist group leading a state

 Before the revolution of January 25, many times have we heard about terrorist groups terrorizing citizens and hoping to seize power. Now, we see their dreams come true after those terrorists had taken over Egypt having authority over the police, army, judiciary system and soon a Parliament. Egypt has become a state of official terrorism. Terrorists have bought our country with the money of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and the blessing of Barack Hussein Obama's administration.

Ironically, terrorists could buy a state like Egypt to practice terrorism. Furthermore, it's the biggest state in the Middle East with a great history. 
The Egyptian president now is really concerned how he may be watched praying everywhere. His prime minister that can do nothing to solve the increasing problems of workers, facilities, and trash everywhere. Prices are increasing as the state is making money with no production, which may cause a disaster for the Egyptian economy, which is inflation. This is just an introduction to our desperate situation.
Some of those terrorists have sued a number of Coptic Christians claiming they have produced an anti-Islam movie that insults Prophet Mohammed. In fact, I've never watched that movie and I don't need to. I did the same with the Da Vinci Code movie that insults Christianity, as my time and mind are to be used in more valuable stuff. Strangely enough, the General Prosecutor has decided so fast to refer the Copts accused to the criminal court on very strange charges, for people who have nothing to do with this case, and most of them live abroad.
Welcome to the state of terrorists with all its destruction and corruption. They talk no more about working and cleaning our country, making of Egypt the biggest trash can all over the world, and changing the Islamic teachings from encouraging cleaning and working to burning, destroying, insulting, injustice, false testimony and killing. In fact, no one is insulting Islam more than you Salafis and Muslim Brotherhood. I'm sorry, I can hope for the best no more!