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  • Friday ,28 September 2012

What a Shame Morsi, What a Shame


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Friday ,28 September 2012

What a Shame Morsi, What a Shame

Did anyone else catch Morsi's speech at the UN yesterday? Did anyone find it a tad, heartbreaking? Someone pointed out to me, twitter feeds were spammed with quotes from the president's speech. 

One read, "Freedom of expression is great, except the kind that makes religious people angry"
Really Mr. President? Did you really just confirm the sad reality about 'democracy' that everyone has been trying to deem untrue? I was one of those hopefuls who tried to remain optimistic about the future of Egypt. 
Thousands of eyes glued to their tv screen, representatives and delegates from around the world just witnessed the President of Egypt announce that his country will never have or encourage basic civil liberties and rights of its people. Egypt had so much potential. What a shame.