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  • Monday ,03 June 2013

Spring, Storm, or WHAT?

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,03 June 2013

Spring, Storm, or WHAT?

The past 48 hours had a 180 degree turn around events in the middle east! Turkish streets in terrible turmoil for a change and not Tunis, Libya, Egypt or Syria! Demonstrations crossed the Mediterranean Sea and left the African/Asian continents to Europe! 

I start wondering is uprising contagious, people like to imitate each other, is it jealousy or most likely hidden hands of intelligence working al over?
As a half Greek person I naturally have a natural disgust towards Turks they did invade my 2 countries I belong to them Egypt and Greece!
As a youngster I raised taking in history the Turkish invasion to Greece upon the Ottoman Empire! Then later on studying the Egyptian history again Egypt under attack and occupied by the Turkey Ottoman Empire, and two different scenarios ended up this Empire in Greece the people faught for their liberty but Egyptians were luckier thanks to Mohamed Ali Pasha who re-built or Built the recent modern Egypt!
Turkey did not disappear from the map but remained in spite the disappearance of the Ottoman Empire, they are there occupying part of Asia and Europe in the heart of the world!
A look to history tells us about Cretan problem:- Ottoman military reinforcements arrived while Greek volunteers landed on the island to support the Greek population. At the same time, the fleets of the Great Powers patrolled the Cretan waters, leading to further escalation. Nevertheless, an agreement was reached with the Sultan and the tensions receded. In January 1897, inter-communal violence broke out as both sides tried to consolidate their grip on power. The Christian district of Chania was set on fire and many fled to the foreign fleet anchored outside the city. A struggle for independence and union with Greece was declared by Cretan revolutionaries.
Greek Prime Minister Theodoros Deligiannis was subjected to fierce criticism by his adversary Dimitrios Rallis over his alleged inability to handle the issue. Continuous demonstrations in Athens accused King George I and the government of betrayal of the Cretan cause. The National Society, a nationalistic, militaristic organization that had infiltrated all levels of army and bureaucracy, pushed for immediate confrontation with the Ottomans.
This part of history shows a small side of the Turkish / Greek fights and disputes I do not need to hi-light Egyptian history with Ottoman or the  remainders of Turkish ascenders in the ruling Egyptian Royal Family until Colonel Nasser -Ex Egyptian president- put an end to this Turkish/Egyptian family and expelled the King taking over ruling powers!
Economic crisis squeezed Turkish development plans who always looked back in history and wonted to revive the Ottoman Empire someday or another under the Islamic Flag but in an intelligent move from Turkish prime minister Erdogan who announced a non-religious state to gain access to the common European market and support as all European leaders stood firm against an Islamic State among the members of the Common European Market!
The question remains did this move END THE DREAM of the revival of the Ottoman Empire and the endless Islamic Empire that will rule the whole world -not by faith but by force!
Now, I'm not a preacher, nor a religious activist, neither a political one, I'm just an Egyptian who loves his country and wants the best for it. I'm here standing with my Muslim Brothers for the best of all and the prosperity of Egypt and the world not to judge or pretend I know of all the scripts in the Christian or Islamic religion but to the best of my understanding GOD gave us the freedom to obey or disobey his orders, he showed us the consequences of obeying or disobeying and left us to choose our path. Couldn't he with a motion from his finger FORCE US ALL TO OBEY? But he did not for a reason only he knows the wisdom behind it! Couldn't he with a wish make us all follow one single religion and make Jewish, Christianity, Islam, or any other religion disapear we all love and follow GOD?! 
Accordingly I do not think or believe if there is a verse somewhere in the holy books what so ever stating the world will be unified under one religion by FAITH the only way would be BY FORCE!
Back to this new demonstrations in Turkey let me go as well back in history and have a look at a very important incident took place in the recent history:- 
In December of 1991, as the world watched in amazement, the Soviet Union disintegrated into fifteen separate countries. Its collapse was hailed by the west as a victory for freedom, a triumph of democracy over totalitarianism, and evidence of the superiority of capitalism over socialism. The United States rejoiced as its formidable enemy was brought to its knees, thereby ending the Cold War which had hovered over these two superpowers since the end of World War II. Indeed, the breakup of the Soviet Union transformed the entire world political situation, leading to a complete reformulation of political, economic and military alliances all over the globe. 
What all this was about? Socialism versus Capitalism? What each of them means? Socialism is no individual property everything belongs to the Country or the Government or who represents people! Capitalism on the other hand is individual property and my own personal gain and to the hell with the rest of the world!
The Soviet Union disintegrated into 15 separate countries decided to move on their own not as a mass within a principal nor leader! This knock out of the United States of America to his traditional enemy The Soviet Union did it put an end to the United States greediness? On the contrary the world become FREE TO CONQUER and the rich becomes richer the poor poorer and GOD BLESS AMERICA! Hell no the Soviet Union collapsed but Russia STILL, Russia who was the main enemy of the USA remains on the MAP DID NOT DISAPPER and the RICH DID NOT BECOME RICHER!  On the contrary they faced a huge economic difficulty that reflected on the whole world!
What all this has to do with Turkey recent demonstrations?
It is again a reading  between lines, you put pieces of the puzzle next to each other to have the whole picture, it might be a wrong assembly from my part I'm not God or a spy I do not know secrets others do not know I just use my head! Recent news (or rumours God only knows where the truth is) said in the black file of ex-intelligence Egyptian Chief Omar  Soliman conspiracies took place in Turkey 2010 prior to the riots that lead to Mubarak's step down from power! Mubarak was an asset to Russia that took another blow in the face from the CIA of the USA! 
Intelligence dark art that remains hidden years under the ground is well known power we can not close our eyes and say it does not exist. Like CIA, there is Russian intelligence not as famous as CIA however they are there and they do operate! A couple of years ago Russian agents assassinated a famous defected ex-Russian spy in the heart of UK assassins still unknown! A most recent assassination of an expert code de-coder in the MI5 -UK intelligence- still undergoing investigations! Killer unknown moreover, not a decision and clear cut it was an assassination as they try to make it look like an unfortunate mishaps where the victim locked himself in a golf bag and failed to get out and died from asphyxiation! Intelligence arts are numarious and unknown to public as they belong to Military Top Secrets!
Sectarian Violence of Syria, Iraq, ...
Uprising and riots in Syria are powered up and fuelled my Muslim Brotherhood and spreads a huge confusion to the point we do not know who is right and with whom should we stand France decided to supply arms to people to defend themselves then realises those arms could end up in to Terrorists hands and holds on its decision, similar decision was recently announced by the UK authorities and USA studies the matter trying to avoid another conflict like in Libya which led to more troubles! It is well know Turkey's hands in this conflict in Syria we all know their role in Iraq back and forth with the Kurds so the problems in Turkey now is a HUGE RELEIVE to both Iraq and Syria! But is this relieve all by itself or just another blow from intelligence dark arts? Could it be Russian Intelligence acting back?
In conclusion 
No country disappears and whatever your plans are or the accuracy of your plots there are always human factors unforeseen never been taken in consideration could change the path of your plots 180 degrees like what happens in Turkey is a big huge RED LIGHT to conspirators in Egypt and Syria so think over and rest assured God is there and he will prevail, may God protect peoples' lives and keep blessing Egyptian and I hope that someday the POWER OF LOVE WILL OVERCOME THE LOVE OF POWER AND WORLD LIVE IN PEACE!