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  • Monday ,24 June 2013

From Egypt TO....

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,24 June 2013

From Egypt TO....

Resuming my count down to 30th.of June is broken as M. Okasha of TV channel Fara3een decided to push forward the star point of this STAND UP to 21st.June and here I wish to say this was best decision he cut down Muslim Brotherhood preparations and introduced unlimited havoc! 

So I decided today to correct a mistake I fall in to it few weeks back when I posted an Open Letter to Obama! Barak Obama is the elected president of the united states of America for a second and last 4 years term according to the American Laws and constitutions! 
I was addressing him as the president of the number 1 (one) country in every aspect, economy, democracy, military power you name it. I was trying to make him understand the difference between the Religion of the majority of Egyptians and the Political Religion -of MB- that has nothing to do with religion! As much as I respected Obama's speech sometime on 2011 addressing Mubarak telling him -NOW IS THE TIME....- like if he was asking Mubarak to step down NOW as much as I was disgusted from ANN PATERSON the USA ambassador in Egypt when she seemed defending her position as Ambassador through her defence of the MB regime! Obviously the Ambassador of any country is this country's eyes and main tool building his policies toward other countries, and obviously with all due respect to the qualifications of Mrs. Ann Patterson that granted her the position of Ambassador she lucks some vital information or background of the nature of Egyptian People and her conclusions were deadly wrong when she advised her superiors to support -in any way- the MB regime she is now trying to prove her estimates where not wrong just some unexpected disturbance will disappear if MB know how to deal with it!  
Let me explain how I fall in a mistake addressing Obama in that article. I was influenced that I lived most my life in a fake democratic country pretending being DEMOCTRTIC and in fact all decisions are dictatorship style! So finally when your voice reaches the ruler and decides to respond it is more than sufficient to give the orders! This is not the case in America, who has the decision? The president? No way he has to convince the CONGRESS the selected people by the parties as candidates and people vote for them! However congress-men are human beings affected by media, personal relationships and interests! They -as congress-men- meet see and listen or read reports from CIA, FBI and other security entities whatever they are! 
CIA agents highly trained and skilled people who have the latest of technology tools computing devices to decode any code and devices to spy on telecommunications satellites mobiles you name it! Computing devices just iterate facts, fact+fact = expected event and so on! 
So bottom line is CIA conclusions are not 100% accurate they might at best estimate reach a hi level of accuracy but still can be WRONG and taking in consideration human factor that can be bribed to alter a simple fact that could lead to enormous errors and we saw such errors in the reports that lead to the Iraqi war to the point the UK PM was drugged to this war based on the false accusation that Iraq possess weapons of mass distraction! 
Resuming all of the above, I would say in a true democratic system the president's job is to build policies and those policies are based on the approval of the Congress -or whatever assembly general in any country- and both the president, and assembly general men build their opinions based on facts and reports delivered by different entities they discuss options and approve policy! And this applies to most if not all democratic countries where the president is just a symbol of his country, in UK the queen can not even decide a raise in her allowances without the approval of the commons the main policy and execution of policies are the responsibility of the PM and his cabinet, the only role of the whole royal family is just symbolic and general relationships! The same applies to France or Germany or what ever other country with stability. When your opinion is based on biased reports hiding facts or ignoring them out of innocent ignorance -not knowing- or malicious -some one for personal interest hide a fact- YOU CAN BUILD A WRONG POLICY! 
Factors of building Wrong Policies!
Any normal person, you and me make decisions. Decisions are based on several facts, analysing facts you reach conclusions and therefore you build your decision! Countries like normal people build their policies this way however they have way more resources, on top of them the intelligence agencies like the CIA in USA or MI5 in UK or what so ever and they gather their information, other teams analyse the information, and finally reports are generated to supply leaders who would build their decisions based on that, but this unfortunately is the bright side of intelligence, cause really intelligence existed as part of the armed forces that their main role is to defend a country against any  one not from this country and even co-citizens could be accused of traitor y!
Once again reports hiding facts or ignoring them out of innocent ignorance -not knowing- or malicious -some one for personal interest hide a fact-But who that one might be? To answer this question we have two parts :-
1. Not knowing or ignorance!
2. Malicious or Intentional hiding of facts for the best interest of a particular group or some people!
First as I explained CIA or MI5 or any other intelligence agency trains his personnel on the latest available technologies to decode codes provides them with spying equipment tracing devices but non of them trains his personnel in History or Anthropology! They might know that the Pyramids were build by Pharaohs but where are they now? They might know in recent history there was a war in Egypt 1956 participated in it England, France and helped by Israel and USA been ignored in this war was the major de-facto that forced them to step in stopping this war but they do not know HOW EGYPTIANS FAUGHT THE INVASION IN PORT SAID! Bottom line in this part is Intelligence oversees the real tissue of TRUE EGYPTIANS they only see them conquered by Ottoman or the Mamalik or ….
Secondly to answer about the malicious or Intentional hiding or altering facts to the best interest of some entities we need a deeper look on to who Americans are their tissue the social tissue which includes Jews, Christians and Muslims however they banned religion in schools, you can pray in  a temple, church or mosque but you are not allowed to say Jesus in school! In this aspect I would say BRIBARY can take place to hide facts? Who has the MONEY to buy silence could be involved the money in USA clearly most of it belong to Jews who would naturally support Israel due to religious ties not political views! But does all Money belong to Jews? Obviously no there is the PETRO-DOLLAR that would buy the best interest of Muslims due to religious ties too but when Islam becomes POLITICAL the matters change Political Islam is not religion but an International Organization built by MI5 upon the War World II for specific reasons -not the issue of this article- ended with the end of WWII but the organization still there! 
When the Qatar TV shows in the media MB people voting for Morsy and USA Ambassador knows the majority of Egyptians are Muslims then reports expect MB ruling Egypt for the next 50-100 years once in power! Obviously a country to build it's policy will not be building a new policy every week and when they decide to acknowledge the new MB system ruling Egypt for the next 50 years is not going to change policy when I tell OBAMA your policy in Egypt is WRONG!
I guess now that I explained to the best of my knowledge in boring detail how things work worldwide I can bring in the table the real reason of this writing, article or better call it open latter to... (Who?) To America No Way Who are they just a country like Russia or China or France or UK My Letter this time is addressed to the people of these countries to the British that Hitler Burnt London with his attacks what the Britons DID? RUN AWAY OR DEFENDED THEIR COUNTRY?
French people occupied by Germany what they did run away or stood till LIBERATION? Even USA people what they did at Pearl Harbour? They gave up or STOOD FIRM TURNING OVER the tables on Hitler's head? TO those people I tell them Egyptian who where victims of so many attacks due to the importance of their country since old old time when no one knew yet American continent Pharaohs who built the Pyramids built a civilization that made them the prey of many many invaders, where are those invaders GONE and who remained? Egypt and Egyptians so WORLD free just people of the WORLD see what Egyptians can do when they stand up!
God Bless you all and bless Egypt and Egyptians!