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  • Monday ,08 July 2013

Military Coup or Revolution

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,08 July 2013

Military Coup or Revolution

Last week out of good intentions I posted an open letter to the world trying to explain why Morsy should not stay in power more than that, Egyptian youth who lead the revolution on 25th. Of January 2011 proved to be more than tough like almost all Egyptians while I sat sleepless for thee days on June 2012 trying to imagine Egypt under MB rule and had seen the revolution stolen and sat in despair wondering how many years will stay in that darkness imposed by MB those young people did not give up on their revolution when I saw them in a talk show on TV I got back some of my lost confidence telling myself Egypt will be safe in their hands!

Whoever, based on past experiences when they announced 30th, of June as the date of the stand up I got disappointed and shouted everywhere PEOPLE WHEN YOU DISAPPROUVE WHY WAIT TO ANNOUNCE THAT GO OUT NOW I DO NOT BELIEVE IN DATED REVOLUTIONS! 
Those young people once again surprised me with the unexpected, they surprised as well the whole world that stood undecided was it a military coup or revolution. Lots of people said in a day or two the usual MB gang will go spread them away let them do what they can! In fact this is what I expected as well and was worried about those young people, but rays of lights and hopes had started with the Cultural Stand up few days ago and when for the 1st time in a long long time I saw the Egyptian Police doing its job, protecting people and standing equally from both sides! That day I had a gleams of what Egyptians can do when the supporters of the minister pulled away defeated!
30th.June End of Era!
Come the promised date I was surprised we all shouted people Come out let us say NO to Morsy and this picture shows a little tiny portion of the almost 90 million Egyptians minus Morsy Supporters who showed their love to Egypt!
For 3 days those Egyptians stood there in the heat of the Egyptian Summer and Morsy trapped in the Presidency Chair -that never belonged to him but stole it- refuses to let go of the stolen chair and starts calling for international help and on top of them his ALLIES the US! He tried his best to make it sound like a military coup and the world stood undecided was it a military coup or not!
Now, out of good intentions I assumed US administration was mislead but when I watched the CNN news broadcasting the demonstrations in support of the ousted Morsy accusing our respectful Egyptian Army that stood with the peaceful demonstrators as part of the Egyptian population who do belong to Egypt Love Egypt and want the best for Egypt, they had been accused of mounting a Coup D'Etas moreover accusing them of killing Morsy's supporters!
At the beginning I thought as our REVOLUTION is the 1st in history peaceful stand up to force a dictator of his sit, the outside world needs an explanation but when I compared the coverage by another news network, the BBC I found out there is a difference, BBC tries to find out the truth asks question makes debates and CNN had judged and said it is a Military Coup!
As an Egyptian Citizen I tried to explain as much as possible this is a unique of it's kind revolution in time will be taught in schools just like the French revolution or that of the 23rd.of July in Egypt!
Egypt was a leading country in everything and our revolution and ousting Morsy was as well a unique of its kind revolution! But facts start being uncovered CIA and other intelligence plots start to collapse, they tried to make from Egypt another Mali or Sudan the land of TERROR Morsy seized the opportunity of being in power and gave amnesty to ex-terrorists who participated in the killing of our solders almost a year ago, and created their own gangs or joined other already existing gangs and Hamas guys who used the tunnels of Gaza to infiltrate in Sinai – I had talk of it so many times before, but what I did not know was the Morsy not only protected them but as well supplied they with food! And my worst discovery was to find out the Morsy SOLD PORTIONS OF SINAI and collected and signed the contracts! But this is another story I leave it to justice and fair investigations that will take part in the near future as my main line today is to tell the world FACTS WHICH ARE :-
1. Legitimacy is made out of people choices this choices create laws, constitutions and rules that people vote for it and becomes a norm of life or law or change in usual life, when majority of people agree to oust a president this person is ousted and lost his legitimacy cause ballot boxes is not a life contract, cause just like an entrepreneur who hires someone for a job if this person fails to do his job is fired a president is hired to do a job by the people who pay his salary if he failed for a whole year to do a single proper job then he mast be fired!
2. Ex-President Nixon after the water gate scandal was OUSTED it was not a MILITARY COUP!
3. Why the Egyptian Protesters of 30th. Of June needed protection from the Army and the Police? Because they come out with Egypt's flag and lots of love to Egypt and all Egyptians including the supporters of Morsy that rejected this Love and decided to either keep Morsy in power or kill the protesters with sticks, machetes and guns, but they failed count-wise! 
4. Fair trials will show the world lot of scandals and may be the Egyptian Revolution becomes the 1st ever revolution to oust two Presidents!
I rest my case as I let secrets of today become well known headlines of tomorrow because Egypt and Egyptians are blessed BY GOD FOR EVER AND EVER AMEN!