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  • Tuesday ,30 July 2013

Copts Are Always the Victims

Magdy Malak

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Tuesday ,30 July 2013

Copts Are Always the Victims
After the Revolution on the 25th of January, all Egyptians accused Mubarak’s regime for the persecution of the Copts, especially of Al-Quddisen Church in Alexandria. We figured out, however, that during the Revolution, there were many sectarian events going on. A church was destroyed by Muslims, and another one burned by Muslims too. We then figured out that the only possible reason was the ex-regime, and also the culture of hatred that exists in this community. 
Even after the June 30th Revolution, and after the Army ousted Morsi, the Muslims killed a priest in Arish, Sinai. It is easily noticeable that the first victims in these events are the Copts. The international community has recently tried to visit Morsi multiple times: the European Union represented by Ashton, 2 Senators from the States, and also the African Union. 
So all international communities are worried about democracy and the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt. I can’t help but wonder, where was the international community when the Copts were killed everywhere in Egypt, and we didn’t hear anything from anyone? 
This leads me to ask the question: are these countries really worried about Egyptian democracy or only their own interests?  I cannot imagine that all of the sudden Egypt became so important to all of these countries. And all of the sudden they are so concerned with all of the victims killed through demonstrations. How did they become worried now the death of demonstrators, which could happen, and they are not worried about Copts who are murdered by doing nothing but standing in front of their church? Isn’t that a little unreasonable? 
When will the international community stop pretending to be blind or will the case of Coptic Victims continue in Egypt? Or is the plan all along to give the power to the Muslims? 
Now for all Copts, it should be clear that the international community doesn’t care about any minorities. They only care about countries that hold potential benefits for themselves. Human Rights is an idea that exists in Western Countries, but they don’t care about the rights of others all over the world. 
The proof? Copts are always the victims, and no international communities care. We cannot hear their voices in the time of murder. But we hear their voice in the time of politics. Actions speak louder than words, and we finally see where their interests lie.