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  • Friday ,16 August 2013

Blurred Lines, Wrong Sides

Magdy Malak

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Friday ,16 August 2013

Blurred Lines, Wrong Sides

The situation in Egypt as of now is quite dire, and furthermore, there is a huge rift amongst Canadian Egyptians as well. There is a rift between Pro-Morsi supporters and an unidentifiable opposition.


To the average Joe, even “Western Media” the Army is seen as a coup, where we are back to square one as a dictatorship. The opposing members are seen as “Pro-coup” which is completely wrong. Here’s the facts you need to know in order to understand the reality of the situation, and how wrong Western Media is portraying the whole ordeal.


First of all, let’s go back to mid-November. Morsi changed the constitution saying that his decisions are non-negotiable by any supreme court or any judge. He basically declared himself as “God’s chosen one” So in this sense, any idea of dictatorship has returned long before people took to the streets.


Secondly, Tamarod spent over 1 month collecting signatures and rallying the people to get on board with calling for early elections. This party was NOT calling for Morsi to step down, they just wanted to practice their newly found “democracy” Morsi then took this personally and refused any early election possibility.


Here is where it gets blurry to some, and frustrating to everyone else. We (anti-Morsi) took to Tahrir and the Presidential Palace yelling and crying for change. There were 30,000,000 people or even more demonstrating. Our beautiful then President ignored the voice of the nation and declined any negotiations.


Here’s the thing! The Army, the head of Al-Azhar, the head of the Coptic Church, the heads of popular political parties ALL met a week before this happened looking to make some sort of negotiation that would satisfy the people before things got out of hand. The MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD was invited to this meeting and declined, because they were and still holding on to their “I’m holier than thou” attitude. THEY DECLINED negotiations. So at this point the protests started happening, and the Army had no choice but to give Morsi 48 hours for him and his brotherhood to change their minds. Still nothing.


The ARMY had the people in their best interests and that’s why they intervened, just as they did January 25, 2011. They are supporting the interim government until elections are called. They are not running the show. They were only answering the cries of the 30+ million people shouting for change!


What hurts the most is in Canada, the media is referring to pro-Morsi as “pro-democracy” Since when is a terrorist group calling all the shots pro-democracy? I hope now that the truth is revealed the Western Media can start reporting correctly.