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  • Tuesday ,20 August 2013

Mr President Obama: You were the hope and you have become a disappointment

Anthony Wilson

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Tuesday ,20 August 2013

Mr President Obama: You were the hope and you have become a disappointment

What is happening in the land of Egypt these days is just a duplicate of what is happening in the Syrian territory and what happened in the lands of Libya, Algeria, and Tunisia and is still happening.

Arab Spring or the real name for it “Arab Ruin” is a disaster and an aggressive war on the people of these countries and a public and licentious threat to the rest of the Middle East that has been announced by US administration headed by President Barack Hussein Obama. It used an Islamic faction and Muslim countries as a tool to suppress and kill the people of these countries, be it those upon whom the plan has been activated against or those awaiting activation. 
This planned sabotage of the area aiming to break up and divide its countries is not new, but is as old as the rule of American presidents before Your Excellency, Mr President Obama, as you know. Yet it seems that their consciences have woken up after finding out the extent of the devastation and death and destruction which will be unlashed upon the people of this region, and so they did not bear this responsibility in front of the American people who have reached this power and greatness. They stood in the face of tyrants and liberated nations and people and provided them with security and safety. 
The fact is that former President George W. Bush had made a mistake in his war on Iraq. This error occurred due to lack of insight and vision of the military leadership and the US administration at the time that they broke down the military force and the police and left the country without a link, and so civil war spread among the Iraqis whose blood flowed and is still flowing, and ruin prevailed, where brother is killing his brother and civil war permeated in Iraq with chaos and lawlessness, and where discipline and linkage has no presence at all. The Iraqi people are the one suffering and are helpless.
Mr President Barack Hussein Obama, you have done the same thing that former President George W. Bush did in Iraq, and have applied it to countries in the region with the difference that George W. Bush used American forces, and Your Excellency used American money to hire a faction that has no belonging to any country nor has any guarantee in the implementation of your dream in protecting Israel, and assisting you with the safe exit from Afghanistan. This faction, of course well known to Your Excellency and the Western world, is the group of non-Brothers and non-Muslims with factions of Jihadist Islamists. 
If the dream is achieved, then there will be a transfer of al-Qaeda and other Jihadists from Afghanistan to the Sinai Peninsula, which will be divided between Israel and Hamas and a thousand and one jeer to Egypt and the Egyptian people. You have done this in Syria and used the same faction that promised you they would carry out all that you order them to do, as your hands are very generous and they accept it, thanking you for your good choice.
The Egyptian people, who had just got rid of military rule through the departure of their last ruler in the person of former President Hosni Mubarak, were deceived. This was your chance to involve the Brotherhood and give the green light for them to make it into a fortress for them to execute from inside it the Brothering of Egypt and seize all its institutions with the fragmentation of each of the judiciary, police and army establishments, because they are strong institutions and there is fear of leaving them to turn against them and cause the failure of their plan aiming at, as previously reported, the full control of Egypt and the Egyptian people, and then they would start in realising their biggest dream of an Islamic Caliphate whose capital would be Jerusalem.
For a whole year, the Shura Council failed to represent the entire spectrum of the Egyptian people, and began preparing a constitution that had nothing to do with Egypt and the Egyptian people, but only works for the immunity of the Brotherhood in the name of religion so that they have the upper hand on Egypt and the Egyptian people. As for the presidency, speak unabashed, the elected president through “fraud and bribery” was not qualified to take such a position, either on form or substance. He brought shame upon Egypt and its reputation among societies whether Western or even Arab. His welcoming at every visit to any of those states was not worthy of a head of state such as Egypt.
He clearly demonstrated beyond any shadow of a doubt that he is not a statesman, but just a puppet in the hands of the most powerful man in the group “Khairat al-Shater” who was the de facto ruler administering Egypt’s huge affairs from his office and moving the president however he liked, and not the general guide Badie and naturally Dr Mohamed Morsi.       
A full year, in which the president was ousted by the legitimacy of the Egyptian people, failed in providing the minimum of safety and security for Egypt and Egyptians. A full year in which the Egyptian people tasted, at the hands of the deposed and his gang, all the colours of humiliation and disgrace and were deprived of their right to life. Their nourishment was stolen and were deprived of clean drinking water, and he did not show any care about the importance of the Nile waters to Egypt and Egyptians, and so led Ethiopia to work on the construction of the Renaissance Dam which would be a real disaster upon them.
No solar, no electricity, no loaf for living nor dignity. And so the people in whose hands are all the authorities rebelled and decided that he should depart, and so it was. Naturally, Your Excellency President Barack Hussein Obama, what the Egyptian people did has caused you some concern and disappointment in the probability of failure of your project and the achievement of “Arab Ruin”. It is also normal to have your insistence of the continuity of the presence of the Brotherhood in power because they arrived at it through electoral legitimacy represented at the ballot box in which Dr Morsi won by only 51%. And so your administration began to condemn what the Egyptian people did on 30 June 2013 and 3 July and 26 July of the same year, and accused the Egyptian people and its armed forces that what they did was not an act of democracy but a coup over the authority.
Mr President Barack Hussein Obama, I have sent you an article titled "An Open Letter to President Barack Obama", in which I talked about democracy, which does not apply in the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood and allotted for you 10 examples of what is happening on the ground in Egypt, which proves without any room for doubt that the Brothers do not know or understand neither democracy nor legitimacy, and I will convey to your Excellency 5 of 10 examples I mentioned in my message to you, for which I received a reply from your administration of its arrival while retaining the non-response right. No doubt that Your Excellency is well informed and knows what is happening on the ground in Egypt, where you want for this faction to apply democracy. I will continue my statement in the form of questions about democracy, as they apply to the Egyptian people, inquiring of Your Excellency if that democracy is actually the democracy that  you seek to activate with the support of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafist Group and the rest of the groups of radical Islam in Egypt. 
* Does democracy, Your Excellency, mean that the president elected (????) is a president for one faction of the people and not to all the people? 
President Morsi has shown that he is the president for his family and tribe of the Muslim Brotherhood; and that the group used the Salafist Group as a scarecrow to intimidate the people by their toughness. 
* Does democracy, Your Excellency, mean to marginalise women, who are half of society, and are to be chased and raped and prevented from their right to work and forced to stay at home for serving and pleasuring man only? 
* Does democracy give the right to the president elected (????) to sell and rent his antiquities, heritage and homeland - his Egypt? 
* Does democracy neglect the interests of the country by those who have been elected (the People's Assembly and Shura Council) and expected (parliament), which Your Excellency is asking to involve the people in the next election to support democracy, noting that the group is working on empowerment of all aspects of the state and its institutions to allow them to brothering Egypt?. 
* Does democracy, Your Excellency, mean to leave the country in a state of destructive chaos in which we find the strong eliminating the weak., where the method of bullying is used on Christians by attacking their property (houses - lands - work - shops and churches) and displacing them after burning their homes and seizing their property, and the kidnapping of their daughters and forcing them to leave their religion and becoming Muslims, and the kidnapping of children and asking parents to pay a financial ransom. All this is happening to Christians without the slightest attempt of officials, headed by the Prime Minister and President of the Republic to punish the perpetrators? 
What do you think, Mr President Barack Hussein Obama, of the practical opinion of the Brotherhood on democracy, including what I have clarified to Your Excellency in what I have quoted to you? 
Mr President Barack Hussein Obama, when you assumed the "first period" of managing the affairs of the greatest country in the world, I wrote an article titled "Obama, the Hope" and published your photo on the cover of the annual issue of "future" magazine which is published in Australia. My article could be summarised by saying that your assumption of this position is the hope for me and for everyone who suffers from persecution as that suffered by African Americans previously in America that one day one of us shall manage the affairs of his country, which continues to suffer from discrimination due to race, colour and religion.
But Oh loss! Your Excellency President Barack Hussein Obama, your latter action during your administration of the affairs of the greatest country in the world and its compassionate and good people, from upholding and encouraging a terrorist group, with all the sense that this word carries, has changed a lot of the love of the people for you personally and the respect for the country of freedoms and democracy and hope in some may have shifted unfortunately to what I mentioned as  the title of this article that is directed to you personally: 
Mr President Obama: You were the hope and you have become a disappointment.