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J.M Fahmy

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Sunday ,25 August 2013

What's Next

For the past few weeks and since the wonderful stand up of Egyptians in Love of Egypt I dedicated my writings to the world to explain that this was, is and remains the will of people not the Army this was a revolution!

As of today I decided to explore the reasons that lead to today's status and how Egypt fall in to the trap imperialism planed for it or may be Egyptians including legendary leaders out of ignorance paved the road to those plans! For this let us look at this abstract picture that briefly explain politicians and politics!
I leader, a president, or King or an Emperor whoever rules a space of land called a country whichever this country is his major concern is food and for it he needs resources which are fertile land, water and seeds! If this exists theoretically he has no problems, but this is not the status with many other places and this is the danger that imposes the existence of some forces to protect this resources why because people who their bad luck posed them in to pieces of infertile lands or dry lands and deserts so let us 1st focus inside this country some fortunate people will occupy a fertile land next to a permanent source of water like a lake or river and those fortunate people have the ideal life, but some others less fortunate their land is far way from this source of water, or around a temporary source of water depending on the rain that for their luck no rain and drought spread, those people still need food! Some of them will solve their problem stealing from the fortunate people or some more aggressive people will try to occupy this lucky piece of land, those are thugs!
From this point the fair ruler has to find solutions to keep the peace within the his society making laws to protect properties and as well find solutions for the less fortunate people to save them from starving to death! Laws imposed the need of forces to impose laws! Zooming out of this country we see the same status between countries, countries fortunate with their resources and other poor in their resources! Naturally poor resource people out of jealousy or hunger or greediness will try to take away resources from the fortunate people and WARS were declared or nations decided to invade other nations affecting neighbouring and the need to create international laws over time become a fact until the very dark long WWII, and the creation of United Nations to preserve the international peace over the world!
Politics and Politicians
Having this abstract model in the previous paragraph in front of us we can say the ruler, or president or King of a country is there to preserve and improve the economical status of this country! Otherwise stating politics and economy are the two faces of the same coin! We in Egypt have it clearly the Collage of Politics and Economy! We had seen how politicians spoiled Egyptian economy and how economists bribed politician to improve their businesses! Some is the situation between countries, at old times when the rule of absolute force ruled the British Empire extended from east to west to the point it was said the empire that Sun is always up somewhere! But this is history we need to read it well and understand it extracting the lessons from it! As nations raised and demanded their rights new principals imposed new views and plans, negotiations lead to the freedom of nations not because imperialism accepted to give up or was beaten but they understood resistance is expensive and to impose invasion costs the treasury much more than playing smart and declaring your independence provided we keep our good relations which means trade keeps going the resources I used to steal I'll pay for them now and you will be having improved treasury to develop your country! But this political game is not ended yet, the whole game is economy and as your economy improves and you build factories to manufacture the commodities I sell you this means my market will drop down and you get richer on my expense and I have to prevent this at all COST!
The Name Of The Game
Having said all of the above and understanding that politics all about economy and the keep your economy up you have either to introduce new commodities or/and prevent others from manufacturing those commodities! Plans now are not just industrial secrets, but extends to exhaust your industrial powers so you do not develop competing commodities!  But how? Simple let us take the Egyptian recent history since independence up to now focus on periods to see how imperialism and foreign hands worked on the Egyptian soil since! The military coup D’etat against King Farouk did not meet any international opposition to our recent stand up of 30th. June! Mohamed Naguib and afterwards Nasser did not meet any international opposition until the Suez Canal nationalization! From 1952 to 1956 Egyptian government -Mohamed Naguib or Jamal Abd Du-Nasser were busy redistributing national resources taking from the rich to give the poor no foreign resources were affected with the exception of some private businesses and businessmen that their businesses were nationalized!   However when International business of the Suez Canal was involved 3 major countries attacked Egypt, and since then continuous conspiracies! Up to the death of Nasser on 1970, MI6 -like I mentioned last week- allied with Muslim Brotherhood to bring down Nasser! 
Why Nasser? He was on the right trace, building up Egyptian economy! New Factories, The Hi Dam and the invasion or the desert converting desert into fertile land, and many more successful projects! However, Nasser was a human, a very successful LEADER locally and internationally but human with lot of human mistakes his successor Mohamed Anwar El Sadat had to face, people of power above any and all laws who their greediness for power and money blinded them until Sadat extracted them and corrected somehow the social life until the day he thought no one on earth had his intelligence and smartness and long range view that were the main factor in his liberation war of 1973! But liberating MB that Nasser kept in prisons since their failed attempt to burn Egypt and assassinate him, I reiterate liberating MB for backup facing Soviet threat to Egypt was the first nail in his own coffin! He chose the enemy No.1 of Egypt that MI6 created to be a rotten thorn in Egyptian life since King Fouad and backed up with clear alliance of CIA -American Intelligence- in Husney Mubarak Regime! For 83 years they existed with a main target KILL EGYPTIAN entity for the wider more general empire the Islamic empire that not even their creator MI6 in Britain or partner CIA in the States are safe the Islamic Empire should extend to the WHOLE EARTH not just Egypt or the middle East or portions of Asia and here or there in Europe, but this is another issue I might explore in a future article, my main point here is to show what Egypt suffers today is not just Morsy, or Mubarak fault like most people try to say, this is an over due never corrected problem that Nasser tried to attack but never accomplished the Egyptian Social Life, the poor people who increased and expanded since then due to over population and under paid people to make the rich people richer and poor poorer! 
We still have people living with less than 200 Egyptian pounds while authorities recognised minimal monthly human life income should not be less than 1200 Egyptian Pounds! Studies were done showing that the application of this minimal income of 1200 will not cost the government one penny but no further news about it, is it going to be applied, or there are reasons prevents its application or it's application need X amount of time or WHAT? This is what people on 15th. January, then 30th. June come out asking for BREAD if I do not have enough money to buy the bread I'll stay HUNGRY! People in power, people leading the road of 3rd. July political map please answer the question let us feel you are listening to us and responding! May God help you in this crucial time to lead this country to the safety out of the hole the previous system took it and just remember conspiracies in a Blessed country will never work cause God will always protect his blessed place!