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  • Wednesday ,28 August 2013

Why do the Egyptian revolutions fail?

Dr. Ihab Al Azazi

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Wednesday ,28 August 2013

Why do the Egyptian revolutions fail?
The Egyptian people have revolted demanding freedom, dignity and social justice. They demonstrated against futile rulers and regimes that made the Egyptians suffer under miserable social and economic conditions. Many reasons caused escalating waves of anger that pushed millions of Egyptians to demonstrate and overthrow Mubarak's regime. Soon, the Muslim Brotherhood came in power and proved even more failure and produced more lying in the name of Islam. Therefore, the Egyptians decided to put an end to this futile regime as well the dreams of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Throughout three years, the Egyptians have overthrown two regimes seeking better future. Yet, the great goals of the revolutions haven't been achieved. That's because each regime tries to seize Egypt and only depends on trusted people, empowerment of the friends and the exclusion of opponents. There are many reasons behind this, but there are common factors that cause failure to our revolutions, such as:
For three years, the successive governments have not specified the most important problems that need quick solutions. Furthermore, the officials caused even more conflict in their places instead of finding real solutions. This led to drain Egypt's foreign-exchange reserves and to borrow from foreign countries in haste at any price ignoring the bad consequences that the Egyptians will suffer from.
Our revolutions have failed as many political forces have tried to use them to achieve their  own political interests ignoring the people who are fed up with politics as well as such arguments.
All governments have failed as they excluded the real makers of the revolution, I mean the Egyptian young people who were given no real space in the political scene.
We shouldn't forget here the role of mass media that promoted certain ideology against others, and distracted the public opinion by useless arguments and illusionary conflicts.
In fact, many entities are conspiring against Egypt, the revolutions and dreams of the Egyptians. This will ignite another revolution soon as those entities don't understand how the Egyptians really think.