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  • Monday ,02 September 2013

Terror In Our Life

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,02 September 2013

Terror In Our Life
R.I.P. My mother used to scare me when I was a child! Which mother did not terrorised her child or do not terrorise them? One of our more common terrorist is our own father -I'll tell your father what you did, he will deal with you!- fathers are not monsters but even in the far south of Egypt, where tradition is like bread and water in those communities and girls who are not a full human being in most illiterate Egyptian minds had to blindly obey orders and the day she defects she has to be KILLED specially when it comes to honour; She fail in love with some one the family do not accept for some reason, he is still learning, he is not independent, he belongs to a family enemies to our family or what ever reason could be as well different religions! And what a catastrophe if she becomes pregnant without marriage!
Not only Terror, but Dictatorship!
Terror is the most obvious in our life when we grow up terrorised from a cat or even worst from a rat or mouse roach or bee! And as well Dictatorship is a widely practised in our Egyptian society, you obey or receive a slap in your young 2 years old or less chic! As you grow older, the hand made slap became a torture with weapons like your flip flop, or belt or piece of stick that gets thicker as you grow older! 
As you grow older and attend school dictatorship moves to the teacher,or the head master and in all of that the terrorist is the dictator! 
This is not a call to delete obedience from our life in Egypt, I lived in societies where child is immunized from such wrong practices by law! I saw very patient and loving fathers dealing with their stubborn child who decided he needs a chowing gum and the father tries to convince his child not to get that showing gum but buy something nutritious! And worst I saw children out of caprice decided to make a seine for all casual supermarket customers to watch and see how parents will deal and within the laws that protects children with this kid that lies on the floor crying in fierce caprice! I still have Egyptian bloods in my veins and wished to spare those useless parents and slap that child but I understand as well the importance to teach a child right from wrong in a peaceful human manner! 
With all those wrong private life practices no wonder to grow up with wrong concepts and see Muslim Brotherhood acting exactly same wrong way, terrorising opposition and peaceful stand ups since January 2011 till June 30th. End up with massacres and fights the victims were mostly rioters!
I recall I did a full article warning from dated revolutions like that of 30th. June 2013 I warned what might had happen if a few rebellion guys stand up till they get tired and exhausted then be surprised by MB supporters who come out to teach those guys a lesson to never say no to their will! May be this was the initial intention of that Rabea Gathering on the 30th. June and were surprised like me with the amounts that come in support of freedom and love of Egypt!
Terror Practices!
Since that memorial date when all Egyptians with different views ideological and political views united in one thing their LOVE TO EGYPT  and surprised MB who never expected such a quick defeat! Since that date all MB could do was terrorise Egyptians killing them torturing them to death and trying to terrorise the rest of them with acts and words that never worked!
Was is US or US/UK plan that fail apart and future plans have to be re-calculated the surprise like it paralysed MB from rational thinking similarly their creators or supporters or call them whatever you like lost precious time trying to save whatever they can save! First they gathered their regular European allies to save humanity and human lives! Faked facts knowing that lies can never survive for long, and under the pretext of Coup d’etat the 1st terror acts showed as it become clear this was a revolution the HUMAN RIGHTS gang -yes gang who can see only poor MB falling victims of extreme cruelty of the Army and can not see who burned churches and blow up museums and  and killed peaceful people inside their own houses can only be a GUNG!-Again terrorism to Egyptians was practised by Human Rights who closed their eyes and looked at faked events!
Over the past few days I realised that you do not need to be a member of MB, Qaeda, Kasam, or Hamas to be a terrorist you can as well be David Cameron or Barrack Obama to be a terrorist or act like them! What is this NEW CALL to fight Syria that is fiercely fighting terrorism like Egyptians? Is is a real threat to Syria alone or a red flag to Egyptian Army as well? 
Human Rights Gang
For brief HRG who see women and children killed by chemical bombs and for humanity reasons is willing to punish Syria with a limited attack can they guaranty their attack will not kill more women and children as WAR CASUALITIES? 
Let this aside and just answer who provided who with chemical Bombs? Or is it going to be another mistake like the Iraq Mass Destruction Everlasting Error! 
Guys SYRIA is not IRAQ and will not be SUDAN and if you HRG have better solutions than DEVIDING COUNTIRES TO SUBCOUNTRIES COME ON!
To the Human Rights Gang either you review your policies or STAY AWAY! Just STOP TERRORISING people with more and more WARS, had you forgotten the MAIN REASON to create the United Nations? Was it to keep WORLD PEACE or an undercover gang to fight and announce more and more WARS!
US/UK people who appointed you as an International Police Force and who asked for your services?
Same Mentality of Muslim Brotherhood, US/UK master mind TERRORISE PEOPLE with a presumed war has not been approved yet by US/UK parliaments neither looked at by United Nations not allowed to be discussed until further investigations on the deaths of those chemical bombs is concluded!
My message to PM. David Cameron had you forgotten M. Tony Blair ex. PM position and says after Iraqi lies were uncovered? Are you ready to be in his shoes?
My message to President Bark Obama is you sounded exactly like the SITTED OUSTED PRESIDENT MORSY in your speech! No Further comment!
My final message is to Egyptians who love Egypt and want the best for Egypt to become again the centre of this world, keep in mind on 25th of January 2011 people of Egypt come out and said their world that the world stood up for it and accepted Mubark stepped down and your wish was granted! It was a revolution I praised from far far away as I was in another land watching your revolution astonished with it and praising it! I was not with you guys standing for days facing winter cold weather in open air for days facing death but I considered myself as part of Egypt in this revolution that I did defend a lot! I warned you later you guys were Egyptians calling for Bread, Freedom and Dignity, not MB, Salafies, Liberals, Terrorists, Anti-revolutionist, Thugs and you name it! It told you then our power is in our UNITY stop being DEVIDED, no body listened and MB took over the power! Now yes, you guys took back your STOLEN REVOLUTION that was by all means a REVOLUTION but lot of us who were watching your historical fight joined you left their houses and brought out their sofas announcing passivity times finished we are all Egyptians and Love Egypt, so please remember this and STAY UNITED the road is still long and difficult we can not afford subdivisions just keep in your eyes Egypt that we all love! No meaning for the 30th. June 2013 without 25th. January 2011! So STOP GIVING NAMES and being divided, we are all Egyptians who loved love and keep loving Egypt God bless Egypt and Egyptians!