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  • Tuesday ,03 September 2013

Stop the American war on Syria

Girgis Bushra

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Tuesday ,03 September 2013

Stop the American war on Syria

It became clear that the American scheme to divide the Middle East to small countries based on religion, sects and races has been failed, after the great revolution of June 30 in which president Mohamed Morsy was ousted and a public mandate given to Egyptian government to fight terrorism. Consequently, many senior leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood were arrested on serious charges of murder and inciting violence including setting around 80 churches on fire and attacking many properties of the Copts

This plan was completely ruined after the Muslim Brotherhood was removed from power in Egypt, which is considered the most important center of the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood in 70 countries around the world. The Brotherhood worked for the American Administration and applied their evil plans after receiving their funds and weapons. 
Under president Morsy, the Muslim Brotherhood was likely to send its supporters to Syria in order to join the opposition and fight against the Syrian regime supported by America.
It was decided that Egypt supports the opposition in Syria sending money, weapons and soldiers, according to the speech given by Morsy in the conference of Supporting Syria. Safwat Hegazy, senior leader in the Brotherhood, said they sent weapons to Syria in order to support the opposition. Jihadists who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood have also traveled to Syria for the same reason. Yet, the revolution of June 30 has ruined their scheme and exposed it.
Now, the Obama administration is in a critical situation moving confusedly, and deciding alone to hit Syria against the will of the international society including the United Nations, China, Iran, Russia, Egypt and many other countries. This may lead to another world war that the American and Israeli people will pay for, in addition to causing great chaos in the Middle East.  
This unjustified American war repeats what happened in Iraq when America claimed Iraq had nuclear weapons, which was not true. Now, they claim Syrian regime uses chemical weapons against its people, which is likely to be not true as well.  
Therefore, I think that such military action is but insanity that will cause many disasters to America, Israel and the whole world. This insanity may lead them to think about hitting the Egyptian army as well. 
I demand the whole world not to listen to the American nonsense, as America is the one supporting terrorism. Also, I ask the American people to stop Obama who supported the terrorists who attacked them on September 9. I pray to God to save Syria and Egypt.