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  • Wednesday ,04 September 2013

Sisi, do us a favor!

Father Phelopatir Gamiel

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Wednesday ,04 September 2013

Sisi, do us a favor!
In this article, I ask the Minister of Defense to do us a favor, which is pretty much his duty to perform. The Egyptians have been really amazed by him as they have been missing such honest and patriot people. Yet, by removing the Muslim Brotherhood from power, he only performed his duty and obeyed his religion that orders him to be honest.
Each time I listen to his speeches, I touch his honest and true love in his spontaneous words that reach from heart to heart. He truly loves Egypt without greed, and we have long waited for such man to save the country.
This is what I really feel for him. Yet, I support him not to run for the presidency despite my confidence he is going to win as most of the people really adore him. Yet, he said that he prefers protecting the will of the Egyptians to get the honor of the presidency. I don’t want him to get deeply involved in the dirtiness of politics, which is sure to happen if he becomes the president.
If only Sisi could get the leaders of the former leaders of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces on trial for killing innocent people at Maspero, Mohamed Mahmoud Street and Kasr Ainy, as he did with the Muslim Brotherhood for their crimes during one year.
I realize the sensitivity of the situation, but the principles are indivisible. Those military leaders should be tried, and what Sisi has done cannot compensate for crimes of his former leaders. Please, complete what you have started! It’s well known that former SCAF plotted with the Muslim Brotherhood for a safe exit causing great disasters for Egypt.
Let’s be honest. What Sisi has done on June 30, 2013 is very similar to what Tantawy had done on February 11, 2011, except for challenging the United States and refusing to govern.
Will General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi do it and get them on trial? Souls of many Egyptian martyrs are longing for such decision.