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  • Thursday ,05 September 2013

​Let the soldiers be an example to us

Gergis Wahib

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Thursday ,05 September 2013

​Let the soldiers be an example to us
Supporters of the revolution of June 30 realize how many people and forces hate it and are willing to destroy it at any time. Those enemies are both inside and outside Egypt.
America being on top of the foreign enemies list, tries to restore its former ally in power, which is the Muslim Brotherhood. The list includes many European countries, including Germany and England, which have decided to stop the export of arms to Egypt.
Also Turkey and Qatar are being hostile to the revolution hoping to get some benefits from the former regime. Hamas and many terrorists occupied Sinai, and the army is still fighting to remove them.
Inside Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood have been trying to return Mohamed Morsy to the presidential palace by all means, even by destroying Egypt.
Here, I'd like to greet the sane young people of the Muslim Brotherhood whose leaders have incited violence. Yet, they try to save the rest of their party.
Many other people oppose the revolution from the inside including Ahmed Maher, founder of April 6 movement, Israa Abdul Fattah, Asmaa Mahfouz, Aiman Nour and Amr Hmzawy, who seek private interests.
However, many leaders can think only of their interests, and refuse the constitution amendment committee for not being in it. This is very childish and selfish attitude in very critical moments.
Here, we should support the committee to amend the 2012 constitution, and learn from the soldiers of our army, who sacrifice their souls for Egypt and for all Egyptians.