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  • Monday ,09 September 2013

Brain Storm

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,09 September 2013

Brain Storm
Can we build a new Egypt with the same mentalities that took Egypt to the deep deep hole we are in it now? Can we build over a country that old mentalities demolished? This question needs to be looked at deeply with great consideration without the fears of being accused of any crime or being part of a conspiracy we need to look forward and really forget the past wounds just learn from the mistakes and correct what needs to be corrected!
I know for sure in this period lot of people try to catch up with the momentum the revolution -without specifying 25th. Or 30th. Or any dates- something was wrong and people said to it STOP!
Did it stop or not do we -the people- need to keep looking and watching or we should move ahead and keep building lot of difficult questions to answer but for sure we can not keep fighting forever for something it will never happen!
Thanks to people who wrote with pen and paper events creating what we all know now as HISTORY we have it documented since human being created the symbols of writing -alphabet- then started to put events in writing, geology that uncovered lot of mysteries and all recent technology that made from writing history as events now are being documented with voice and picture even the way storing those events had changed from row films to CD's DVD's and Blue Ray nothing remains still as technological evolution keeps going but our brains still working same way we still suffer from retarded people illiterate and totally ignorant people! 
I had said it long time ago as a jock :- Egyptian Babies are born Genius still they go to SCHOOL and become STUPID! 
Do we really need to go to school to learn? Not really if it is about how to read and write lot of parents teach their children how to spell their names but they are not trained to be teachers they have no psychological training on child's behaviours, but does our teachers have that training? Obviously when it become the policy of the Government to cover up a shortage in teachers forcing graduated with general grade “PASS” to become a teacher by force!
To understand we need to take the problem from it's beginning! Ex-President Nasser R.I.P. Decided learning is a natural right for all Egyptians they have the right to learn -Very Good but did any one prevent this right?-  The great Philosopher and writer Ph.D. Taha Husein how did he become that great? Had he to learn in school or he took his first lessons in the mosque when taught how to read the Koran? 
Now back to the bright decision of R.I.P. Nasser Leaning is like Bread and Air the right of each and every Egyptian then he had about 20 million population most of it Farmers below poverty level their main concern was food, let aside learning an becoming an Engineer or Doctor! Nasser had to build lot of schools to cover up the population and schools need teachers! 
I'm not a decision making expert, nor predicting catastrophe from wrong decisions but I read history and analyse events and build up conclusions! The side events of such popular decision of educating each and all Egyptians lead to the following problems:- 
1. Sharp Shortage in personnel for schools on top of them teachers! 
2. To cover up shortage of teachers non expert people -not trained to be a teacher- were forced to become teachers! 
3. Forced teachers never really loved their jobs and if you do not love what you do you can not be creative in this job!
4. Farmers who their greatest dreams in life were to be hired to work in this field or that so that they can find food they become owners of the fields and their dreams were not how to teach his children to be a good farmer but to become a doctor or engineer!
This number 4 reflects negative aspects of 2 different decisions of Ex. President Nasser R.I.P. His decision to redistribute agricultural land and the necessity of learning! It lead to demolishing agriculture. The son of the farmer who become a Doctor was interested in building a hospital in the field of his father, and the engineer wanted to build a maul or supermarket! 
Half educated doctors forgot towels inside their patients after their operations and half educated engineers build towers that collapsed on their tenants! Schools without proper teachers graduated generations and generations or illiterates and ignorants who still do not know how to read and write!
This article is not to judge or criticise the one and only true Egyptian leader R.I.P. Ex-president Nasser I just took a few of his decisions to show how good intentions are not enough and every and each decision could have it's positive aspects  as well as it's negative one and that we need always to monitor and correct the decision so that in remains on the right track or make new decisions to correct negative aspects and we still need to monitor!
Today is Born from Yesterday and Tomorrow is Today's Child.
Yes, the problems we have today are accumulated small tiny ones we all saw and closed our eyes until they grew up if we were more positive small tiny ones would had never become so difficult to correct! If you had the guts to say no to all errors we would not had reach this complex situation we have today but the most important is we need to learn from our mistakes to avoid them in the future we still can not learn that our power was always in our unity and the way is way too long and difficult to start wonting the fruits and become divided last week I said it and today I say it again KEEP UNITED however this is not the main purpose of this article my aim is to warn about closed rigid mentalities we can not build the future on people look only in the past and when to revive dead victories what was good and fruitful yesterday could be very poisonous and deadly dangerous today! We all heard ex-president Mubarak talking about conspiracies, so many times he said it until we stopped believing him we all thought it was an overused excuse until we saw it ourselves, investigations keep uncovering the conspirators facts shows us how traitors act and above all all plans are based on people reactions! In all that we have many factors, I can not force loyalty to the people each has his own measures his loyalty to a party could be traitor to my party but parties means division and I just said Keep United! This means we all act same way this is simple and so effective, we can not stop conspirators from their conspiracies we can just make them fall down the drain by acting unexpectedly! This is in our hands and this means to develop our behaviour brain storm our plans and stay on top of the events! I can respect the secrecy in the army surprise is ½ way to the victory, however I need transparency I need to know what the rest of the government is doing I need them to talk to me and tell me we are facing 1, 2, 3 problems by taking the following steps a, b, c so that either I agree on their performance or I might have better suggestions to eliminate the third problem and facilitate facing the second one! If this dialogue people/government is not established or government keeps acting like God then our mentality still needs to be CHANGED, we did not yet learn from our past mistakes we still want to live today the way our great grand fathers lived!
May God help us all improve our mentalities, learn from our past avoid our mistakes and keep our eyes open to any future pitfalls, God Bless Egypt and Egyptians for ever Amen!