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  • Tuesday ,10 September 2013

The war against terrorism

Dr. Awad Shafik

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Tuesday ,10 September 2013

The war against terrorism

Imposing emergency law firmly in Egypt comes to protect us from terrorism of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic currents and Jihadists.

During the war against terrorism, the state has to impose some restrictions for freedom of movement as well as freedom of peaceful assembly that are currently used to murder innocent people and attack public and private properties.
Consequently, the state has to use force in order to prevent such assemblies that are likely to use violence. Security forces may also use self-defense to protect themselves and others’ lives.
The media advisor of the Egyptian president Adly Mansour is only holding meetings about reconciliation. Yet, he can’t provide transitional justice and stop the terrorization of the Muslim Brotherhood.
This transitional justice didn’t determine a fixed plan to set the aggressors and terrorists for trial, or establish a judicial commission to investigate the crimes committed since the revolution of June 30.
Only then, we may seek reconciliation and presidential amnesty for defendants according to the law. This can only be applied after elements of the Muslim Brotherhood are dismissed from all official positions according to the law.This time, we need to firmly apply the law.