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  • Wednesday ,11 September 2013

Psychological warfare in Syria

Naim Youssef

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Wednesday ,11 September 2013

Psychological warfare in Syria
It became so clear that the American President, Barack Obama, made up his decision to fight Syria. This appeared after the revolution of June 30 in Egypt through may statements by the American Administration. Many times did Obama assured that such war comes to preserve the American interests and prestige in the region.
Obama also assured that the United States, as an international superpower, has responsibilities towards the suffering people under dictatorships all over the world. On the other hand, he claimed that such war comes to protect the American national security.
In fact, the American national security and interests became really threatened after the Muslim Brotherhood was removed from power. This restored the Egyptian sovereignty and put an end to its slavery to the American Administration. Therefore, America needs to restore such presence in the region, which is to be fulfilled through destroying the fragile regime in Syria, and bring another loyal regime.
Now, as the decision has been made, it’s just a matter of preparation and psychological warfare aiming to weaken the enemy, which is the Syrian regime in this case. Obama is trying to waste time by seeking an unnecessary congressional authorization to bomb Syria, and holding discussions with many countries as if the decision has not yet been made. Yet, Obama made announcements he will preserve the American national security, even against the will of the Security Council.
CNN said that Obama is going to make his decision next Tuesday regardless of all announcements that prove the decision is already made. This is part of the psychological warfare in Syria before the irreplaceable war breaks out to destroy the influence of China and Russia in the region. Such war is sure to break out after America has lost its great ally and partner, the Muslim Brotherhood.