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  • Wednesday ,11 September 2013

Salafi Dawah deputy: New constitution null if it receives less votes than previous constitution

By Egypt Independent

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Wednesday ,11 September 2013

Salafi Dawah deputy: New constitution null if it receives less votes than previous constitution
The Salafi Nour Party on Tuesday said the 2012 Constitution should be reinstated if the Committee of 50's Constitution receives less votes than last year’s constitutional referendum.
Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood said it would boycott the vote to reveal the unpopularity of the coup.
“The Constitution will be void if it gets less votes than the 62 percent of the 2012 Constitution,” said Salafi Dawah deputy Yasser Borhamy.
“It would be proof that the suspended constitution was the more popular,” he said. He added that the people would boycott the referendum of the Committee of 50 Constitution if it ignores the articles on Islamic identity.
For his part, Salah Abdel Maboud, member of the Nour Party’s High Commission, said that there are signs of a split within the Committee of 50. “The many differences between the political parties will lead to a vote against the Constitution,” he said. He pointed out Mohamed Abul Ghar, head of the Egyptian Democratic Party, threatening to vote against the Constitution if it did not cancel the individual electoral system. Borhamy also pointed out the National Council for Women threatening to do the same if women were not well represented in the constitution.
Ahmed Badie, spokesperson for the Al-Watan Party, said certain political forces are against the articles on identity and sharia law. He believes the Islamist trend has been excluded.
“It is a false committee because it was not chosen by the people,” he said. He added that the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy would call for boycotting the referendum because the Constitution did not represent the will of the Egyptian people.
Mamdouh al-Husseini, member of the Brotherhood’s Shura Council, said supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsy are likely to boycott the referendum because they do not recognize the committee as legitimate. “We will see where those 34 million who are said to have made the June revolution are,” he said.
He added that the new constitution aims to denigrate the January revolution and the efforts of the previous constituent committee that had been formed by the will of the people through the ballot boxes.