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  • Friday ,13 September 2013

Media and The Respect of Privacy

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,14 September 2013

Media and The Respect of Privacy

Can you imagine that while you are talking to your friend he is recording the conversation that happened between you two? Not only that but furthermore, he sends the conversation to the newspaper and the newspaper publishes it for the public to see?


What media kind of is that which invades privacy and calls it exclusive? What Youm7 published 2 days ago and called “Exclusive” It is really ashame and not acceptable. Previously, we were calling for a Moral Media Charter to preserve the main principles of the media which firstly is to keep the privacy of the people and not invade it.


When you publish something against the person’s will, is that free media or fake media? I believe that what Youm7 did recently is against all morals and ethics that people in the media should keep.


Youm7 touts a very dangerous principle which is based on invading the privacy and calls it “Exclusive”. Youm7 said that this video is exclusive and it’s not because an exclusive means that you agree with the source to give you speech before other newspapers or TV, as this was not the case. 


Mubarak was talking to his Doctor according to what I have listened to  in said video, and he was talking like a normal person and he explained his opinion of what’s going on, but Youm7 used its relationship and used the person that offered to give these tapes to the newspaper to publish it for the public.


The inclinations of Youm7 wasn’t respecting privacy or the media charter that was always calling to respect it. It is a very dangerous precedent. We have to stand against it and face it with all power. I’m not against Youm7 Newspaper but I’m against invading privacy and calling it exclusive.


Without stopping this kind of media and pushing to respect the media charter,  we will not be able to control the media in the future. All media outlets were happy because “Faraen channel” was closed because it invaded the media chart. We have to deal with all cases with the same standard to be fair.