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  • Wednesday ,18 September 2013

Governmental complicity and Papal silence!

Michel Fahmy

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Wednesday ,18 September 2013

Governmental complicity and Papal silence!

What is happening to the Copts in Egypt, especially in Upper Egypt has reached its peak. I am talking here about burning their historical churches (86 churches and 11 monastery) and killing many Copts after looting and destroying their properties and forcing them to sell it for much less price and to abandon their homes fearing for their lives.

Such practices have increased a lot during the last forty years and especially after the "conspiracy" of January 25, 2011. Yet, the Copts were so decent and patriot against the state that didn't even believe in equal citizenship for them.
The Copts were patient against such disasters trusting the ecclesiastic leaders authorizing them to handle the situation as there were no trusted political leaders among the Copts. However, they could take no more as they have seen tribute was literally imposed on the Copts of Delga village in Assiut while security forces were holding their peace.
This made them reach the peak as two Coptic Christian cousins were shot dead inside their house and before their children's eyes only because one of them refused to pay this tribute to his fanatic neighbors.
It's really amazing that the police and the Public Prosecution have not yet investigated the matter and could only issue burial permits for the bodies!
As the police were ignoring the matter, the Pontifical has also ignored it. The Pope had refused any foreign intervention in the Egyptian affairs understanding the practices of the Islamists, but this does't mean ignoring such horrible incident and forgetting to denounce their murder and offering his condolences to their families!
As usual, the Armed Forces only fixed the situation as they attacked the terrorists in Delga and arrested 53 of them. Yet, they couldn't restore "the martyrs of the tribute"! Once more, I demand the government to restore the Christians who were displaced and compensate them.
I think that such situation should be fixed, and the perpetrators should stand trial. Leaders of interior ministry should give accountability for their negligence, and the minister of interiors who served under the Muslim Brotherhood proved he can't serve Egypt after the revolution of June 30 that removed the Muslim Brotherhood and their men from power.