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  • Friday ,20 September 2013

Real weapons to fight terrorism!

Abd Samuel Faris

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Friday ,20 September 2013

Real weapons to fight terrorism!
For more than eighty years, the successive regimes in Egypt couldn’t eliminate the idea of political Islam that Hassan al-Banna came up with. He claimed this idea is serving Islam, but in fact, it was to achieve the political goals of the Muslim Brotherhood, which appeared clearly when his sons came in power.
Today, Egypt is facing colonial terrorism of the Muslim Brotherhood that started in Egypt, and will also end in Egypt. Those traitors who doesn’t recognize a homeland, but rather seek power supported by the “infidels” of the West, as they used to call!
The question is: will Egypt survive their terrorist attacks and ideology, or their supporters among the poor will extend their presence for much longer? In fact, Egypt needs a new strategy to eliminate this plague.
The start should be in education by purifying school curricula and develop the education system. Let’s start a national project for developing education during the next ten years. We should understand that we can’t fix our country without fixing the education first.
On the other hand, only al-Azhar should lead this battle with terrorism. Millions of dollars spent on Islamic call in foreign countries can be used to support Egypt in this fierce battle. Imams should be cared for that they wouldn't need the money of the Islamists, who are willing and able to pay a lot of money to buy them.
Media has also a vital role in this war. Thus, their fanatic ideas should be discussed in media teaching the people about their bloodiness and violence.
Last but not least, security forces have a lot of work to do according to the constitution and law. One can have no dialogue with suicide bombers or armed terrorists. Additionally, remnants of the corrupted regimes should be removed and sources of terrorism should be dried up.