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  • Friday ,27 September 2013

What Does the Muslim Brotherhood Want?

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,28 September 2013

What Does the Muslim Brotherhood Want?
The Muslim Brotherhood was recently trying to spoil everything in the country like Schools, Universities, Airports, and Streets. What is  the Muslim Brotherhood aiming to do? I believe that it aims for nothing except chaos.
The Muslim Brotherhood since the 30th of June and until now adopts the principle to be in the scene or burn everything in the country.
I was calling before for a conciliation between all political powers in the society, but how will we accomplish this conciliation while the Muslim Brotherhood ruins everything in Egypt?
The main problem that faces the Muslim Brotherhood is that it should shed its illusion about Morsi and eliminate from its imagination that Morsi will be back one day to govern Egypt.
Without starting with this point, I think the Muslim Brotherhood will keep destroying everything in the country. The community might bear all the bad behaviors by the Muslim Brotherhood, but the community will not be able to bear that all the time and if the Muslim Brotherhood didn’t recognize this point, it will be a big disaster.
The community started to become fed up with the behavior of the Muslim Brotherhood. This will represent a red line because if the Muslim Brotherhood continued with these behaviors, the clash will be severe between the community and the Muslim group.
The law tried to deal with the issue in a legal way by banning this group, but I don’t think that this legal path is enough to avoid the behaviors of the group. We should, as political powers, think in new ways to ban this group because this group was banned before during the Mubarak era but that wasn’t enough and the Muslim Brotherhood continued to work under the table with the approval of authority at this time.
Education is the main key in this process, and although this process will take much time, I believe that when we have good education the Muslim Brotherhood will not have the same influence it has right now. This education shouldn’t be isolated from having good economy and will enable all the members of society to have a good life without resorting to the Muslim Brotherhood to give them goods in return of their voices.