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  • Wednesday ,02 October 2013

What’s their real religion?

Sobhi Foad

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Wednesday ,02 October 2013

What’s their real religion?

Two weeks ago, the Somali Islamist group al Shabaab stormed a shopping mall in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, brutally killing 67 people including children just for not being a Muslim or for being a Muslim who doesn’t know the name of Prophet Mohamed’s mother! They did such terrible crime in the name of Islam and calling to apply the Islamic Sharia.

Two days before that, two suicide bombers have bombed a church full of Christians in Pakistan killing about 100 innocent people.
Additionally, few days ago, the Islamists have attacked a Christian village in Syria killing more than 250 for refusing to convert to Islam. Furthermore, the Muslim Brotherhood have committed many crimes in Egypt against both Muslims and Christians! They attacked and killed soldiers, policemen, artists, writers, and Christians after they had looted their properties. Moreover, they have demolished about a hundred Coptic churches. Yet. all these crimes were committed in the name of Allah!
I really don’t know what God is worshipped by such terrorists! And how come he orders the slaughter of innocent people and children! What kind of God that demands war and bloodshed all over the world! How could those, so to speak, people slay Christians in Syria just for being Christians? They must be devils in human bodies!
I wonder: Would Prophet Mohamed be satisfied by killing so many people in Kinya just for not knowing the name of his mother? Is this how Islam works? If not, who is responsible for such mess? How about so many shameful fatwas like Jihad of sex, dead wife farewell intercourse, adults suckling, and drinking animals’ urine! If those terrorists are not Muslims, what their real religion is?