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  • Thursday ,03 October 2013

Homeland with religion, or religion without homeland!

Monir Beshai

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Thursday ,03 October 2013

Homeland with religion, or religion without homeland!
This article is about two pillars of the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood. The first is to make a religion for the state. The second is to dissolve the boarders among Islamic states leading to the Islamic caliphate. They call Egypt an Islamic state that should be governed with the Islamic Sharia. 
The Islamists gradually convert it to an Islamic Caliphate after it was a civil country. They called it an Islamic state and the Islamic Sharia is the main source of legislation. Later, they tried in 2012 constitution to empower the Islamic Sharia in article II and 219.
The homeland shouldn’t embrace one religion rather than the others. Egypt has never been converted from Christianity to Islam and will never convert to another religion as it happens only with human beings who practice religions and have faith. It’s true that most of its population embrace Islam as their religion, but we can’t say it’s a Muslim country.
As a religious state, only 64 countries of 192 declare an official religion, which affects its progress and civilization badly.
They want to dissolve the boarders among the Islamic countries and the whole world. Their former leader Mahdi Akef said he doesn’t care about Egypt and welcomed a Malaysian Muslim to govern Egypt rather than a Coptic Christian. 
The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in 1923 in order to revive the caliphate once again. Therefore, they worked hard for more than 80 years to achieve that very goal. However, they have neither respected their words nor cared for the homeland. Yet, they went crazy when the Egyptian people decided to remove them from power knowing that their 80 year dream was just turned into a nightmare.
On the other hand, Egypt was descending into the abyss with no hope. Yet, the miracle happened on the hand of its great army that removed them from power in response to the demands of the people. Egypt should stay a civil state that respects all religions without discrimination. The greatest civilization in history will never be divided or destroyed.