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  • Monday ,07 October 2013

Memorable Day

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,07 October 2013

Memorable Day

Exactly in few hours ahead at 2pm Sunday 6th. October 2013, as I write this but will be published on the following day, it will be 40 years. On that same day at that time 40 years ago, I sat in my room listening to my small portable transistor radio to the news! Is it another attack and counter attack in the long awaited liberation war? 

Since 1967 Ex-President Nasser -R.I.P.- unannounced our bitter defeat and decided the resistance war, his call was [Hand builds and hand on the Weapon]! Since then Israel decided to demonstrate a show of power, kept attacking the Suez Canal cities, moreover even schools did not escape the long arm of Israel! However, we had lot of small victories and revenges on those attacks! The day we heard our defence Minister Marshal Gamassi -R.I.P.- died in a coward bombing while inspecting our front lines the famous 777 force took revenge when they destroyed the attacking post and raised the Egyptian Flag on it, which remained for a whole week no one dares to take it down! 
I recall that night 6th. October 197, as it was the tenth of Ramadan, and people fast all day till sun set then remain awake till late hours before starting to fast at down again, I was listening to the radio still looking for long wave foreign broadcast to see if what our local news say is confirmed or not! Doubts raised upon the fake announcements of fake victories on 5/6/67 when the world witnessed our defeat in a few hours, and our fake news said we had took down 80 aeroplanes like flies fall with a spray of RAID! 
Historical Facts
True ex-president Nasser -R.I.P.- was one of the main responsible guys of the 5/6/67 defeat but we can not neglect his role in rebuilding the demolished Egyptian Army, the victory clearly was attributed to ex-president Sadat -R.I.P.- he was the master of camouflage  no one expected this war at that precise time that day! He was awarded Nobel prise as the hero of war & peace, but it is unfair to forget Nasser -R.I.P.- contribution in this war just because he was dead! 
I do not know names, I know heroes who liberated Sinai, those heroes were in the army or helped the army like the Bedouin of Sinai who voluntary defended our country from Israel occupation lasted 6 whole years! They were men of honour, army solders and troupers or officers or just ordinary Bedouin they all participated and contributed in this glorious day when Egypt stood up once again on its feet rejecting any solution but to be FREE!
Who does not celebrate!
Only Israeli people or TRAITORS feel sad in this occasion who does not celebrate in this 6/10 day for the Egyptian Victory and Liberation of a dear piece of land called Sinai can not be named Egyptian but furthermore, I suggest retrieval of the Egyptian Nationality from such people they do not deserve to be named Egyptians for sure! 
May God bless Egypt and make all the days celebrations for Egyptian and Egypt!