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  • Wednesday ,09 October 2013

University protests call for ‘return of legitimacy’


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Wednesday ,09 October 2013

University protests call for ‘return of legitimacy’

Several Pro-Morsi demonstrations commenced at Egyptian universities on Sunday calling for the “end of military rule”, while Mansoura University students clashed on Monday.

Spokesman for Students Against the Coup in Cairo University Ahmad Ghoneim said that “security forces shut down roads leading to Cairo University [in response to] protests by high-school students and university students in the vicinity of the university”.
“After moving the protest outside, dense security presence [pushed us] to re-enter the university [campus],” Ghoneim added.
Around 100 high-school students chanted against the military, calling for an Islamic state in front of Cairo University. “The protests will continue unless Morsi returns,” said one protesting student.
Zagazig University President Ashraf Al-Sheehy said the protests in Zagazig University on Tuesday “were due to Muslim Brotherhood students rioting and lighting fireworks during the university’s 40th anniversary celebrations of the October War.”
Al-Sheehy claimed that the protesting students “had weapons on them, were responsible for five injuries, and will be dealt with accordingly.”
On Monday, Mansoura University saw protests against the military by Morsi supporters, which prompted clashes with pro-army students.
According to state-owned Al-Ahram, the clashes continued inside and outside the university, causing a state of panic among the students and passersby.
Several passersby were injured, while the spread of unconfirmed reports of the death of a law student prompted gatherings in front of the Students Hospital and university mosque.
“The return to protests in Universities proves that the students are determined not to be ruled by the military,” a statement released by Students Against the Coup said. “No matter what happens.”
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