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  • Friday ,11 October 2013

Aid Doesn't Build Countries

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,12 October 2013

Aid Doesn't Build Countries

The last announcement from America to cut aid is something we have to pay attention to. I don’t believe that aid can change any person from one stage to another stage. Suppose you are giving a person  your charity, do you think this charity could help him achieve his dreams in having what he wants? On the contrary, this charity provided will cause the person to be more lazy and not work as good as  he would have, because he relies on this aid.


Aid disables progress for any country. It helps countries become more dependent with its decisions and not be able to go forward inany fields. I never read in history that a country turned into a developed country from relying on such aids.


Let’s take Europe as an example. After World War II, the Foreign Minister of the United States had decided to give Europe aid to not be with Russia in Communism. Marshall, the Foreign Minister of the United States at that time suggested to give Europe what was called a “Marshall program” to save Europe and push it forwardin order to achieve the progress that enabled it to be away of Communism.


After a while Europe and the States decided to stop this aid because there was a mutual understanding that this aid couldn't last forever and here is where the point lies exactly. No aid can last forever if you want to be independent and want to make real progress in your country. Aid cannot create developed countries, and cannot build societies.


Egypt has to wake up. Egypt has to refuse these kinds of aid because it needs to be independent and you cannot be independent and receive aid at the same time, from a country that doesn’t care about nothing but its own interests. Egypt should wake up and realize that without being able to depend on ourselves; we will never be able to achieve any progress.


Egypt faces many serious problems now and we need a very great effort to get rid of these problems. These problems will never be solved by aid, but by working very hard and having a plan for Egypt until 2050. Can we recognize this, or will we keep caring about such aid and be under the mercy of the United States and many other countries?