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  • Wednesday ,16 October 2013

In order to defense national security

Naim Youssef

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Wednesday ,16 October 2013

In order to defense national security

"The Guardian" British newspaper has published a report about two Canadian citizens who entered Egypt at the time of Ramsis clashes between security forces and the Muslim Brotherhood. It said that they were arrested and treated so badly.

One of them said he was arrested while he was going to Gaza Strip. Consequently, it’s understood that such person won’t be welcomed in Egypt because of his relationship with Hamas that the Egyptians hate.
Here I remember the American security forces killing an American citizen who was a suspect in Boston bombings. No one objected then, as the United States of America was defending its national security. Furthermore, America fought many wars for the same reason including the war against Syria. All of this to protect the American national security.
The same applies to Egypt that tries to defend its existence and national security. I say this with all due respect to Canada and all other countries that were involved in similar situations with Egypt. Sorry, it’s how it works when it comes to your national security. It’s a matter of existence, and "To be or not to be".