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  • Friday ,18 October 2013

Find a leader!

Monir Beshai

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Friday ,18 October 2013

Find a leader!

Talking about the next president of Egypt, I said once that the Egyptian people can’t yet feel safe or practice democracy. Thus, they need a trusted leader and not just a president. They are new to democracy like a weak little boy who needs protection and love till he becomes a man.

In less than three years, Egypt was ruled by four presidents starting with Mubarak who was overthrown in the Arab spring since he couldn’t solve many problems in Egypt and kept himself busy thinking how to hand over power to his son.
Then, the Military Council came in power, but didn’t try to solve any of the accumulated problems. Rather, it handed Egypt over to the Muslim Brotherhood that ruled Egypt for one year. 
The Muslim Brotherhood was so stupid to work only on seizing Egypt in order to reach what they called “the Islamic Caliphate”, but never worked for Egypt itself. Therefore, ‪within a year there were mass protests against its rule and Mohamed Morsy was overthrown.
After that, a temporary government came in power headed by President Adly Mansour who ordered the amendment of 2012 constitution of the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet, this government is working really slow and can’t make many difficult decisions. 
Now, the Egyptian people are going to elect their next president, which can’t be another wrong choice. 
I believe that Egypt is in bad need to both strong and lovely leader who can enforce the law. This man is apparently Gen. Abdul Fattah al-Sisi. The only problem is that he is not willing to run for the presidency, which is another good reason to choose this man. Yet, he should nominate himself as a civil candidate running in a fair elections supervised by the whole world. 
Such government would be absolutely a civil one, and the army will not govern Egypt, but rather protect the country. A powerful leader is mandatory at this stage. I hope Egypt have such good leader soon.