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  • Tuesday ,22 October 2013

Constitution comes first!

Girgis Bushra

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Tuesday ,22 October 2013

Constitution comes first!

Many people have been talking about the upcoming presidential elections and whether it is lawful for Gen. Abdul Fatah al-Sisi to run for the presidency? I myself will be more than happy to support him if he decides to run for the presidency.

There was a strong debate about which election should come first, the parliamentary or the presidential election? Each team has a decent point of view that supports their idea.
They forgot that the most important battle now is the constitution that will define the upcoming regime and its identity. Therefore, all of us should give the greatest concern to this battle that all citizens should have equal rights and duties as well in their home country. 
Unfortunately, many people think they have already won the battle of the upcoming constitution, especially the civil current and supporters of the revolution of June 30. Well, this is not entirely true as the Islamists have a lot of supporters that will be mobilized to vote against the amendments in the upcoming referendum. Moreover, they would trade once more on religion to convince the people to support them in the upcoming referendum and elections. Once again, they would claim that those who support the civil constitution are infidels and hate Islam, however about 40 of the 50-members committee to amend the constitution are practicing Muslims!
I'm not claiming to be a wizard, but I believe they will do the same as they did during the former elections.
Giving the current surroundings, we should not keep ourselves busy talking about the presidential elections or the nomination of Gen. Abdul Fatah al-Sisi! The upcoming battle is about the constitution. Therefore, all civil currents have to explain the new constitution and respond to the expected fabrications and lies of the Islamic parties. They should plan how to organize and protect the voting process.
The constitution is much more important than the presidential and parliamentary elections, as the constitution will determine the form of the state many years to come. Let’s put aside all different opinions and work together to win the battle of the upcoming constitution. Later, we should have more than enough time to talk about all other things.