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  • Thursday ,24 October 2013

No reconciliation; prosecute them and cure them

By-Nader Fergani



Thursday ,24 October 2013

No reconciliation; prosecute them and cure them

Mediation between the Brotherhood and the interim regime in this second transitional phase has become a huge construct and a popular trade for those who have nothing better to do, and are unrelated to the issue. I understand that some have good intentions, but there are also others who, seeking a place for themselves that they do not deserve on the political stage, pander to the regime – irrespective of who is in power. They chase after rewards from one party or another.

What is unusual in the last attempt at what is described as reconciliation -- especially since the volunteer mediator is, this time, a law professor -- is that it was launched after the courts decided to dissolve the 'Misguided Brotherhood' and its affiliates.
What is truly surprising and reprehensible is that this mediation began after it became apparent that the Brotherhood is teetering and close to collapse. It is steadily losing the support of the public, and thus its ability to mobilise and order demonstrations which have become unpopular with the citizenry.
All that is left in its criminal artillery is heinous armed terrorism in Sinai that views society as infidel. Meanwhile, the roadmap is making progress and the Committee of 50 will soon finalise the draft constitution that purifies the contaminated constitution of the so-called Islamist Right, which they stole in 2012.
I believe the sole purpose of this mediation effort is to save the Misguided Brotherhood and the entire so-called Islamist current from an inevitable fate they brought upon themselves through their arrogance and tyranny when in power and through their crimes after the overthrow of their regime. This mediation appears to tear, or will hinder, the map of the future that crowned the second grand wave of the great people’s revolution.
It’s a good thing this initiative failed at the onset, and on principle we should not welcome any moves that do not primarily aim to raise the dignity of the people of Egypt and the esteem of the country – which has proven not to be a priority for the so-called Islamist current.
Giving the so-called Islamist Right the kiss of life means aborting the map of the future that was born after the second grand wave of the great people’s revolution. All mediators who do not have these honourable patriotic goals as their priority should refrain from trying, and any group that is astray or political faction that does not adopt these goals – and their mediators – should be ousted or quit.
Perhaps there was room for reconciliation, as nobly noted in the plan for the second transitional phase right after the declaration of the roadmap for the future, had the so-called Islamist Right repented, reversed and returned to the national fold. I emphasise that all the factions of the so-called Islamist Right are intent on overturning the map of the future – led by the Misguided Brotherhood – just as they were while in power; the current rules and directs society led by the Brotherhood.
The same is true in sabotaging the map of the future and terrorist attacks: the Brotherhood at the helm and the rest of the current in a supporting role – even if some of these roles include occasional superficial criticism of the Brotherhood.
I am surprised at how elaborate these groups are in their obscenity and maligning of the state and people, and why these talents were not put to work on reform and renaissance when they were in power.
The notion of reconciliation is inherently gravely defective since it assumes there are two equal sides that had a misunderstanding or are mutually at fault, which is far from the truth. On one side is a country, people and state, and on the other is a fascist political faction that maliciously peddled Islam in a way that insulted both the great religion of Islam and the dear homeland. They reached power through fraud, luring the simple folk and terrorising them with religion, and then tried to destroy the state and sell the country as rubble to its enemies.
Had it not been for God’s mercy for the Land of Egypt, the alertness of its people and valour of its Armed Forces, their malicious plot would have succeeded. After the people overthrew them in the second grand wave of the great people’s revolution, they responded with loathsome violence, vile armed terrorism and urged foreigners to attack the country they claim to belong to. This is the threat that the deputy supreme guide of the Misguided Brotherhood issued to Defence Minister General El-Sisi when the latter was negotiating with them for sake of the country before 3 July. This was the incitement of all the leaders of this terrorist organisation -- which has been criminal since its inception.
The interim powers were generous, perhaps overly generous, and took the risk of destroying the map of the future and the future of the country when they permitted dozens of attempts to close the gap through numerous mediations by foreign and Arab politicians. The dispute is primarily caused by the intransigence of the so-called Islamist Right leaders and their refusal to submit to the will of the people, their intent to punish the people for expressing their will to overthrow their regime, and their sabotage of the map of the future that the people want – with the help of their Armed Forces.
It is pitiful and ironic that these high-level mediations crashed on the cliffs of the arrogance of the leaders of this current and their demand to turn back the clock to exactly what the people rose up against – tyranny, arrogance and corruption across the country. Their constant refusal to carry out reforms demanded by the people was also a key factor for their downfall.
They obviously do not learn from their mistakes, even if their own heinous deeds were the reason. They are mental patients who need to be cured; they have every right to treatment after the criminals among them are prosecuted. Perhaps then they would repent for their heinous actions. We welcome anyone who recovers as a dear brother in our dear homeland, and anyone who committed a crime should still be treated as a human being whose human rights are protected beginning with a fair and just trial.
Accordingly, the notion of conciliation after all this obstinacy and criminal activity by the so-called Islamist Right seems ridiculous or, at the least, very naïve. Conciliation cannot be achieved with those who took up arms against their innocent fellow citizens and spilled the blood of Egypt’s honourable soldiers, as if nothing had happened. They spilled blood, injured the innocent and killed martyrs, even among their own ranks, and are intent on sabotaging the country.
Nonetheless, there are still those who talk of conciliation. The Brotherhood committed all these crimes in public, documented incitements and actions by the leaders of the current. The Prophet said: “He who raises a weapon against us is not one of us.” They should be prosecuted swiftly before any other steps are taken and all those at large must be arrested promptly. They must all be put on trial without delay and receive deterrent punishment, and those who want to be cured should be intellectually and psychologically rehabilitated. The lower ranks of the snake must also meet the same fate – perhaps the courts will excuse them for being blindsided, needy or lacking resources.
While it is true the so-called Islamist Right has many followers, most of them are misguided, and many who participated in their non-peaceful and criminal activities are hired mercenaries. Other followers were misled and made mistakes, but did not commit crimes. Perhaps they are still living under illusions and delusions such as “Morsi will be back, God willing” and “6 October is the last day” – even though many days have passed since without their delusions coming true. As for those who were paid to participate in their demonstrations, they are also sick and need to be cured.
Thus, the transitional ministries of health and justice should prepare to administer an effective cure to them all, and the entire cabinet should prepare to economically rehabilitate anyone who needs it.